Dog & Man

November 29, 2013

Don’t ever try this on a dog that you didn’t raise from a puppy. Especially if it’s a Doberman.


“I don’t blame people for trying to cheat me. I just think there are stupid to have underestimate me. I can farm better than anyone in this world.

I have chlorophyl running through my veins. I am made of the earth. Everything about my being is to be found in a clump of dirt.

And they want to cheat me? To add insult to injury, they wanted to do this with a half baked plan. They probably thought I would fall for it – like in the cartoons when the baddie saws the floorboards underneath the good guy and he falls right thru and everybody laughs – so they wanted to humiliate me.

This evening although having not slept a wink since the torrential storm that blew in suddenly from the east that night – I joined the elders of the village for evening tea.

You see it’s really very simple. Everyone now thinks that I know those clowns were trying to funnel me into the con of the century – but since I don’t bring up the matter. Everyone thinks I am never ever going to let this one go.

They know. I can tell from the nervous glances they all give me. I can even smell their fear. Sense their fleeting trepidation…yes it was all there….I know what they’re all thinking,

‘That bastard will never let it past. He will try to get even.’

I think trust is so important to relationships….don’t you.”

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