Trying to sell me a lemon?

November 29, 2013

Do I come across as an inexperienced farmer. Do I perhaps even manage to convey the idea that I don’t know the difference between a shovel and a hockey stick.

So it came as a great shock to me very recently when a couple of cheap pirates tried to flog off a piece of land that in my opinion was good for just a landfill as prime land.

I wonder could these people harbor suicidal tendencies. Maybe they are bored of living and wish to go to the other side? Or maybe they are just really inexperienced confidence tricksters who have absolutely no idea how to set up a heist?

But what doesn’t make any sense to me is, even if they are new to the art of cheating people – surely they would pick an easier mark besides me. After all could it be, I come across as a push over?

Coming to think of it can I ask a simple question – do I look like someone that you can just pull a fast one on and get away cleanly?

I don’t understand. I want to understand. But I can’t seem to this time. As for this people, I really don’t know whether to laugh at them or just take off my shoes and throw it at them.

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