The dilemma

November 12, 2013

I have always been uncomfortable with the proposition that a man should abide by laws just because it is the law.

What if the law is evil? What if all it does is serve a few at the expense of the common good causing untold misery? What if that law is designed to rob a man of his elemental right to be a free and complete man?

Tell me, if there exist such a law that says that everyone who is born with hook nose must be sent to the gas chamber – and one day a helpless girl runs to your door and knocks on it. What will you do? What should you do?

You look out of your back window – there are burly searching high and low for her? She looks at you pleadingly with those mournful eyes. You think about your wife and children. You think about what might happen to you, if you cross that line and break the law by giving her sanctuary.

What is the right thing to do?

Such is the nature of bad laws…they will always pose a dilemma one that frequently keeps me awake through the night….I wonder what is the right thing to do?


An old woman has lost something. I know. It’s easy once you have cultivated this bent of studying people. She’s looking for something. It’s written all over her face. I reckon it must have been a haunting loss. The type where something really important was probably snatched right out of her hands by a thief in the night – No, it can’t be a thing, people aren’t that furtive when it comes to things, not even money –  she’s got that distant searching look. In the way people sometimes gaze at distant star. It’s a dazzling light, but the light is from another age, place and time. Maybe the star has long burnt out and cooled to a dark cinder.  And all she’s trying to do is catch this dying light before it all streams out leaving nothing but darkness-  perhaps a father, mother, brother, sister…lover – he or she is somewhere in the folds of the distant past.
I know. I can sense this old lady’s yearning. I am a searcher and it’s a vampire thing. One searcher instinctively senses the presence of another searcher.
She walks towards me – she speaks pidgin German. I notice she puts the verb in front of her sentences  –  that’s a give. I try French. I score. We continue to play out pictures in her head . Suddenly as if remembering something she draws out a name – I know exactly what to do – it’s exactly like an online strategy role playing game only this time it’s for real – we buy a ticket to the Jewish  Memorial site.
I head directly for the third floor – there’s an archive in one discreet corner. Few people know it even exist;  less know there’s  a book with just reams and reams of names. Each neatly allotted a span of time and space….arranged neatly like refugees on a shelve that no one ever bothers with.
The guard wonders why I am wearing shades in this empty chamber. I remove them. I give him that, “please fuck off look.” He goes away. 
Eventually, I match the name to a printed page in one of the many books.
The old woman suddenly let’s out a quivering murmur. She runs her wrinkled fingers slowly across a name in the page like a touchstone.
Maybe she is bidding him farewell, saying hello or I remember. Or perhaps I am just filling up the blanks with my imagination – repeating a word adroitly again and again leaving behind a feeling of immeasurable emptiness – It’s a list of names of from those who once perished in Dachau (concerntration camp during the Nazi era). I leave quietly leaving the crumpled figure alone in a dark chamber….I don’t know whether what I did was right or wrong.
But I know it’s not a computer game.


November 12, 2013

In a protracted war of attrition, the calculus is NEVER the case of how many fall or get caught. This is a sine quo non. That is to say, it has already been factored into the calculation.

The real issue is it will always remain exclusively the vexing question of how many are still prepared to run the risk of falling and getting incarcerated?

That is the great unknown.


“A noble idea can never just die. That is not possible. You can even take a man and beat him to into a pulp or grind him down and make him wished he was not born, but he is only the believer of that indestructible idea.

The idea still lives…it will continue to multiply and even attract new adherents.

Providing that believe continues to flourish in the mind of people, then there will be others who will take this fallen man’s place.

I think in war it is important to know this reality of how ideas by themselves are often larger than the individual – so large that may even be indestructible as providing there are people who continue to believe, then it shall go on. That is why, it is never a good idea to claim mission accomplish.

This is reality.”

Whenever we experience set backs. It is perfectly natural to succumb to resentment and anger. And to try to get even. This is a natural reaction of most people. After all no one likes to be put down, given a dressing down and even reduced into a laughing stock.

But I believe very strongly, even amid these moments of defeat – there is great wisdom to be mined from the carnage. Life changing lessons that will hopefully teach the high and mighty along with all of us little people – the value of humility, the wisdom of letting go and making peace with the the things that we should NEVER try to exert control in the first place – for no matter what is said and done, it will always be a foolish enterprise to believe one can never control everything in this world….especially such a free spirit as the internet.

As the sages say, ‘this too, shall pass.”


Wisdom can be mined and gleaned anywhere. If only we still our minds and see it for what it is. This story, recorded in the Talmud, speaks, of an impossible ring, a king who desired to control everything and finally understanding of a thing along with acceptance why it is impossible to control everything in this world……

At the height of King Solomon rule. The king believed he was all powerful and beyond compare, and yet, he was not content. As there were certain aspects of statecraft that he could not exert absolute control over….and this distressed him no end.

One day when his depression was most acute, he told his advisors, “I am too often depressed by life. (since he could not control so many things in his life) If things go my way, I do not trust that they will last. If they do not, I fear my woes will never end. I have dreamed that there is a ring that contains the knowledge that will bring me peace of mind. Please go and find this ring. I wish to have it by Succoth, six months from now.”

The king’s advisors each went their own way, asking in each place for this marvelous, powerful ring that would bring their king peace of mind. They went to the finest jewelers and goldsmiths in Jerusalem and described the magic qualities of the ring, but no one had heard of it. They traveled to Damascus, Babylon, and Tyre and spoke to traders and merchants who had traveled the seas, but no one had heard of such a ring. They traveled to Egypt and many other places – but nowhere did they find it and no one knew of such a ring.

Many times the king asked them if they found the ring, and they replied, “Not yet your highness.” Solomon’s hope was fading.

Six months passed. On the eve of Succoth, the advisors still had not found the ring. They had given up. All save one, the youngest. Unable to sleep, he walked through the city streets all night. In the morning he found himself on a street with the poorest houses. He saw an old man setting out his simple jewelry and trinkets for sale. In one last attempt he described the ring to this man.

The old man was quiet for a while, and then he smiled. He went inside his simple dwelling and returned with a plain gold ring. With a sharp tool he engraved something on it and laid it in the advisors’ hand. As the wise man read what was written on the ring, his heart filled with joy. “This is the ring,” he exclaimed. He gave the old man all the money he had and hurried back to the palace.

That evening at the Succoth feast, King Solomon silenced the crowd. He asked, “Advisors, have you found me the ring of my dreams?” All were silent except the youngest advisor. He stepped forward as he spoke, “We have your highness.” The king looked at the ring and read the Hebrew words engraved there, “Gam Zeh Ya’avor” – “This too shall pass.” He handed him the simple gold ring. As he read the inscription, the king’s sorrows turned to joy and his joys to sorrow, and then both gave way to peace. And the king was reminded in that moment that all his riches and glory were impermanent, and all his sorrows would pass away as do the seasons and years, all his blessings and all his curses would pass away.

From that time on, King Solomon wore the ring and was reminded – in blessings and in curses, in good times and in bad, that “This too, shall pass.”

“To quit while you’re ahead of the game,” simply means you know when to cash in your chips.

May sound easy to pull off – but trust me, it is not. As human nature comes encrusted with the seven habits of highly ineffective people that prevents us from calling it a day – ego, pride, self esteem along with the irrevocable belief that we are destined to do great things. To go the distance. All these will work us against us to call it a day.

But when you consider deeply what it means “to quit when you are ahead of the game.” It simply means you have gone beyond that mythical line and pushed your luck too far – you’ve allowed yourself to be lulled into a false sense of confidence. You’ve underestimated the other side. Worst of all, you scaled their resolve all wrong – and that just means you got drunk on delusions of grandeur and that if you must know is why you will lose it all. You will. You all will.


“To quit when you’re ahead of the game,” is the classical story of Tom foolery – it goes something like this – the fabled thief successfully stole a television from a shop. He was got away clean, but since he foolishly decided to return to the scene of the crime and to steal an antenna to go with the television. The owner was waiting there and shot him dead.


“If you met a man for the very first time. Be mindful of every aspect of his nature. The way he carries himself. The manner in which he arranges his thoughts and even his physical appearance all speak the length of a sentence.

Yes, these are important clues to know the man within the man – but the man who is able to set aside his ego, pride and even sense of self importance in the way one takes off a pair of shoes and sets them to onside – in my opinion this is the most dangerous variety of man.

As when you consider deeply what he has just done – it is nothing less than a testament of absolute mastery over the self. Imagine a man dipping his hand into hot oil and pull out fried fritter and not even blinking. That is what it is. Not many men can do this, as they can easily be overwhelmed by flattery, the promise of a fuck of the lifetime, greed, fame and liquor. They only think they know themselves…..but they can’t even tell the tail from the head….and so they lose it all. As they do not know when to quit when they’re ahead of the game.

It’s as simple as that – I see that every other working day in the business world. Men who just go right up and light up the night sky like a fire cracker and disappear into oblivion.

Listen very carefully to me….this is wisdom. How shall I put it – a contract has been put out. To hunt you down. Skull seals irrevocable throughout the length and breath of the known universe – don’t look at me. I didn’t do this. Those fucks in the council of the wise, they think it’s bad for business….besides I could do with the bounty to buy power tools, dog food – did you know dog food has increased by 25% this year alone!

You all know what I can do. You all know that I fight fair and square…not like those sissy fucks in Primus. I just want to make sure we are all on the same page…that way if it comes to crunch time…no one can say that I didn’t lay my cards on the table.

And that’s how it has to go down. Unless of course….you all quit when you’re ahead…look at the bright side, that way I get part of the bounty and I will even split it you folk. You get 30%. I have administrative cost along with bandwidth time, expenses etc etc – so 70% just about covers it leaving tid bits for the odd tank of petrol.

Trust me…you want me on your side. Not on the other side of the fence looking for you with tracker dogs. Remember this…you want me on your side.

What do you all say….best part is you can all come down to my plantation for the weekend for a spot of hunting and camping….what da you say?”

It is impossible for a man to fight every battle that comes his way – even if he is right and justified to do so, he would do well to take stock of his strengths and weaknesses and pick and choose his battles wisely.

If the battle is going to be protracted and drawn out; it is likely to drain precious resources leaving very little for anything else – worst, at some point down the line, it may degenerate into a battle of attrition – in which case, no amount of men and material will guarantee a decisive victory. Under those conditions, it is best not to engage the enemy or have a very reliable exit strategy. If you find yourself embroiled in such a debilitating campaign, sue immediately for peace or détente and decamp from your goal to gain a decisive victory. NEVER REINFORCE FAILURE by putting more men and material into a black hole in the hope of securing a decisive victory. This will NOT be possible.

Where the battle shows promise of a rapid victory, do not move either – as there is a possibility it is a trap or a clever means to gather information about your designs. Be very suspicious and continue to observe your adversary while taking small steps forwards and backwards. Gather as much information as possible and move silently.

Where you have the benefit to choose the time and place to wage a battle – these are ideal conditions and you should prosecute on a decisive victory without hesitation.

Always pick and choose your battles. Only a fool fights everything and everyone who comes his way – he is a bloody fool and if you are aligned to such a fool, others are likely to think you are a bigger fool – never ever fight when you are angry and be mindful of your mouth. Better still disappear to some place where you are able to gather your thoughts sensibly and ONLY then, do you direct your mind to this enterprise of warcraft again – NEVER BE IMPULSIVE! – at times, it is best to stand back and allow your enemy to feel confident and assured to claim the high ground. Once he grows complacent and assured of his position, then and only then, attack resolutely, when he is least prepared.

Research and study this well – as this applies when the small undertakes to bring down the big, to negotiations and dealing with opportunities and threats to either expand or consolidate your business. This can also be used to take over your bosses job or to gain a undeserved promotion. It can also applied successfully to seduce women with powerful and violent husbands. Can also be used to save money or getting credit terms from your local chap hue tiam.


“Many of my enemies believe I am mad. They believe I suffer from some incurable and degenerative inferiority complex and some even believe I cannot help myself, but to do the things I do.

I say and do nothing to right these malicious allegations. Infact , I encourage them to believe in these imagined things. This way, they think it’s possible to read me.

But my real designs can never be fathomed. What is important is I focus on controlling the things that I can only exert effective control over – what I allow into the temple of reason, my mind. How I choose to respond and react. And how I might go about the business of using the precious 8 working hours in a day. These things I can control very very well.

Other things I cannot control so well. Such as the weather or some sitting next to me on a bus is suddenly going to masturbate in public. These things, I cannot control lah. Only a fool will believe he can control things that cannot be controlled…such as the internet. This fool might as well go and set up a nation of flies and plant a sovereign flag on a dung hill! They are the world’s biggest fools, as since they expand their time, energy and material on things that can never possibly give them a good return on either their energy or investment. They can only go around in big and small circles.

Every year when I direct myself in this highly focussed way to manage myself and others – I become stronger. And since my enemies squander their resources on trivial pursuits like maids gossiping about their masters in the market place – they get weaker as each day goes by and this is because they do not seem to know the wisdom of choosing your battles – as a consequence they can only live a life of dissipation.

Every year I go into businesses that I learn more about. With each passing year I gain core competencies in this businesses which allow me to be the best in my field of expertise. Every year I stretch my mind, body and spirit to go in new businesses, such as my bird nest harvesting business – every year I think constantly on how to expand my sphere of influence through my enterprise.

My money is NEVER spent on stupid things like clothes, silver hair brushes, cuff links, fancy shoes or even any luxuries. I live a spartan life like a Templar knight. I only buy practical things like fertiliser, steel capped boots, technical books and things that can bring me closer to my goal. I sleep in a room smaller than a prison cell on a military camp bed with no air conditioning with only one dog to protect to remind myself not to get too big headed…to remain grounded….humble.

What others think about me is not important. What I think about myself is very very important. As I am the CEO of the person who stands in the mirror – 5% body fat. 20 kilometers with a 45 kg backpack in less than 60 minutes. Clear and precise (most of the time lah). Ultra punctual. As tough as a soviet tank. Highly disciplined. Someone who values the idea of dignity of labor. Fair but strict. Keeper of the great wheel of life. All these things I can control very well. All other things I cannot control, they will always be battles I choose NEVER to fight.”

I go through four doors like this. Just to get out of my house.
Can’t be helped, too many people want to see me dead. But with the gracious help folk who I hardly know – they seem to always come out with nifty devices to keep me safe. I am thankful, grateful and always humbled. I have friends who can always be relied to see plans within plans to save my bacon.

Just wished from time to time, we could met up and enjoy a delightful meal and a out of this world bottle of wine.

I am glad, I am in their good books.

It’s a blessing to have friends, even those who are shy and keep to the shadows. My gentle, kind and caring friends who keep me safe always.

The first rule of war is never underestimate your enemy….never. It’s no different from the game of golf. In the very beginning, it looks straightforward enough. After all what’s the great mystery about whacking a ball?

But once you get into it – then it suddenly dawns on you – the whole business of getting the ball to fly straight and long is really quite a complicated business.

Not as straight forward as it first seems.

That I imagine is why so many golfers struggle endlessly (sometimes with great frustration) to find that elusive line. That could well be the very reason why the game continues to enthral and…..entrap so many.

Play on!


“People who break into computers are not people to be taken lightly. Only ignorant people like Bertha Henson do that, that’s because she is stupid. Neither are they so reckless and callous that one should even dismiss them as the lunatic fringe.

Don’t believe me catch one of them, put him a room with a one way mirror and do whatever you need to do – go the full monty, water boarding etc and you will know what I mean.

They are very determined. They are diabolically intelligent. They are accustomed to risk. Comfortable even in the discomfort zone. They are not people who live in rooms where clothes and overnight pizza go and die. They have normal jobs like you and me – they dont go around posting naked pictures of themselves in the internet – they could well be the your friendly next door neighbor or the good samaritan who stops and fix that flat in the ECP.

There is no central command. No chain of command. No nucleas. Except the notion of an indestructible idea.

The question is this: what really motivates them to do the things they do?

The question is pertinent as the goal is to understand the nature of the thing – this is the skeleton key that opens the door to understanding a thing for what it is and not what everyone says it is.

What if I said to you, the very moment any government in this world comes out with a cracked brain idea to muzzle free speech in the Internet. It’s bound to rub a whole lot of people in the internet the wrong way, especially if it is pulled off cowboy style with zero consultation, surreptitiously and hurriedly without even bothering to flesh out the rationale to stakeholders.

Think about it – they were here in the Internet long before governments…..surely within that span of time social norms as to how things are done would have already fossilized into a creed, belief, ethos, philosophy, state of mind, school of thought etc – that after all is how politics is conducted in any setting where you have a lot of people marinating together. They evolve….

If someone told you all these things don’t amount to a hill of beans – then you know this person is stupid and probably ignorant. He’s plain lazy. As he didn’t bother with the business of understanding a thing for what it is.

Consider this! What happens when a government any government creates a set of repressive laws to try to muzzle free speech in the internet?

Think about it! Could it be, they have inadvertently created perfect conditions that allows the game of hacking to be played? You don’t need to have a PHd to understand the motivation as why some people do the things they do – Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world, that by itself is enough to attract the best climbers in the world. Without complicating the whole idea of why they do the things they do – the process for lack of a better word takes it’s cue from Annie get your gun, ‘anything you can do, I can do better.”

That if you didn’t know is the essential quality that continues to attract people to a game – the illicit thrill that even comes with the heavy price that you will be hunted down and put away for a very long time. But what really makes a game irresistible is the difficulty it presents. It really goes back to that other game where a man finds himself trying to hit a white ball and failing to do so time after time. Failure only seems to fuel his resolve.

To those who do not know why every climbing season – men gather at the foot of mountains or stand in one neat line to pit their mind, spirit and body against something impossibly hard that seems to only guarantee sweat, tears and blood – it’s difficult, if not impossible to try to explain the philosophy of why some people will always try to take on the impossible…

From what little I can make out so far with an experienced eye. You’re just dealing with the reserve team – these guys aren’t even close to the top of the game. No where near it. Trust me. But providing those conditions exist for the game to be played, then it will be a lightning rod that will continue to attract those who believe they can scale those high walls. This will certainly pique their interest in probably the same way every climber carries a laminated postcard of Everest in his wallet and from time to time – takes it out to look at it, wondering to himself whether he’s got it all in him to do what he sets out to do….risk? Fuck it lah!

Granted that idea may seem inexplicable to most people who are not accustomed to danger or taking on hard things – but that hardly detracts from the reality that those conditions I have just describes by themselves alone is really all it takes to attract a steady stream of risk takers who believe they have the right stuff best to do the things they do.

To me that’s the saddest part of all this – it was so unnecessary, so easily avoidable. As contrary to popular myth, not all governments get hacked. Some do from time to time. But for the most part governments who are respectful of people and their beliefs generally fair well. While those who throw their weight in the net thinking that they can just bulldoze their way are bound to stir up a shit storm.

And this should prompt us to ask – was this all foreseeable? Could it have been intelligently avoided? Better managed? Could there be a better way to cut the cake?

Well I wrote about this some time back ago. Warned even that this would even come to past. Don’t believe me! You can go and search my archives. It’s all there. I too lazy to rummage through the old and lug it out. After all, it’s Sunday. Something to do with the classical Richardson arms race. Something to do with arrogance, pride and what I can only describe as a criminal negligence to understand a thing for what it is…..

Its all there, the before, during and after.

Will those hackers be caught? Probably. Maybe not. But who really cares now? They’ve done what, they’ve done.It’s now cut and dried – everyone now knows or thinks we have the most repressive internet laws in the world.

But that’s hardly the end of the story. Not from where I am standing – as this is really only the beginning of what I can only describe as a long drawn out affair – a debilitating war of attrition….Stalingrad. That at least is how I see it – as when the risk is heightened and danger is sharpened where the margin of error stands at zero – then the game acquires a sheen of sudden death – and that can only take it to renewed heights…. to another level of complication that will demand a higher level of cerebral fitness – and this aspect by itself is all that is required to continue to attract those who are only too willing to pit themselves against the system – the ultimate game of cerebral fitness with a twist of death.

Granted not many people would plumb to play that sort of game. But my point is a few will….I know the psychology of these men well….one slip and ypu’re toast…no margin for error…no safety nets….one opportunity…but despite the incredible odds along with risk…what if I said to you, that all it takes to guarantee that it goes right on.

Once again please….could it have been avoided?

Sure I have my thoughts. Sure I have my thoughts. But its best, if I leave that to you, the perceptive reader….As for me, I really have to get back to my curious game of golf now – can’t help it, it’s really the nature of the game you see….may not make the slightest sense to anyone watching by why a man would whack a ball and follow it around a plantation….but who says it needs to make sense at all?

It’s after all just a game…..”


November 8, 2013

It is very strange how in the very beginning, a man who finds himself marooned in desolation considers it purgatory. But unbeknown to even him, the jungle will slowly coil around his heart and eventually take it to call it’s own… till one day this man discovers quite unexpectedly – this is the only place he wants to be… the embrace of desolation.

So strange….so very strange.


“It’s not just anything goes and you’re anonymous, therefore, there’s no responsibility. You may think you’re anonymous — we will make the extra effort to find out who you are,”


“Nameless…consider the word beyond it’s dictionary meaning. Feel it as it coils around your flesh. Yes words do have form, shape along with texture, they’re not just dead fridge magnet alphabets.

Words can acquire texture like the emptiness of nameless. No I beg your pardon emptiness is like calling the grand canyon a giant sink hole, don’t you think so?

Emptiness as a word that can only approximate the whole mental geography of what it means to be nameless.

Nameless if you think about is not even a word at all. Not if you are like me now sitting down on my rattan chair while the other half of my brain drops a stone into that well of blackness called nameless…which seems with every passing moment to cut like a knife…knowing that there is nothingness…. there is no bottom… end or for that matter beginning….just an abyss that is why it provokes fear.

As there is no greater fear in this world than the fear that comes with having to deal with an unknown quantity that is able to reach out and touch you. This I imagine must be the wonder weapon of the philosophy of nameless.

Yes. I understand. It must have been very disconcerting to those who are well accustomed to seeing their plans regularly past from the realm of theory to reality without the slightest glitch. Yes. I understand. I understand completely now what will have to come. What must come after this. I understand it only too well.”

After the hunt

November 7, 2013

Not a bad innings. Not at all. Considering it’s his first hunt in the field. The dog that I have training that is. What’s important is that we work well as a team.

Besides wild foul is not an easy quarry. Might be easy to spot, but since their sense of sight and smell are keenest they are always challenging to pull off a clean kill.

Through the years I have developed my own method of using dogs to hunt in an oil palm estate. As I consider my lands to be a version of NTUC supermarket – I reckon I am the only hunter on this planet who has successfully trained a dog how to proceed quietly without sound or sight in a oil palm estate.

It’s very satisfying as a huntsman to see him draw first blood and come into doghood. There will many hunts such as these after this day.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step – and this apprentice has made his master a very happy man.


“If you observe very carefully the leash runs from the neck through the bottom of the dogs abdomen. The purpose of this exercise is to teach the dog how to walk like a cat – it hugs the ground keeping it’s profile invisible. This is not easy as dogs are dogs and they are certainly not cats. But with patience and training even a dog can believe he is a cat.”

There is a very stupid European plantation madam who likes to walk her Alsatian early in the morning. Since the path she takes is the same route children usually take to go to school – yesterday when I came across her, I introduced myself and told her very politely she should consider muzzling her dog and leashing it. After all they’re children on the trail. Instead this European woman began to berate me and told me to mind my own business. Can you imagine that right on my own land.

What disrespect!

After that, She went to elaborate at consider length and pride that her breed of dogs is from a renowned lineage famed for their outstanding temperament and there is absolutely no possibility of it bolting or mauling any of the children.

This morning as usual when the European woman and her dog passed by lands again – her dog suddenly pricked up it’s ears, something sinister was in the air – it froze as if something had raptured it’s soul, then suddenly without warning bolted off towards the mansion on the hill at full speed.

Mystery it seems is furiously at work.

Since the mansion on the hill is quite a considerable distance from the trail road – she did not pursue the animal which disappeared into the lush thicket of the swaying palms and promptly disappeared from sight.

As she stood there lost. She looked distressed. She called out a few times the name of the dog. But there was nothing. At one point she walked a few steps towards the road leading to the hill – but her driver ran to her and stopped her. They spoke, the Malay mentioned,

“They say the devil lives on top of the hill..”

Thereafter they both departed.

Only just then a visitor claiming to be the husband of the European lady and a few estate hands pulled up in a stylish cranberry colored Range Rover and knocked on my door enquiring whether either me or any of my farm hands has seen a giant Alsatian roaming the grounds.

I looked to the edge of my fencing and there stood a large Alsatian matching the description – but as soon as the ‘owner’ approached the animal – it began to growl menacingly. The man was momentarily stunned and proceeded to step back, looking back and forth at me and the dog as if……something was wrong. I told him, he should not be so presumptuous…I told him that he should take a closer look to see whether it is his dog from where he stood. The man insisted to move closer…I moved by hand and this was command to the animal to protect me.

Thereafter it charged and they all scuttled like rats on fire as fast as they could into the sanctuary of the cranberry colored Range Rover as the animal tore at it violently – inside I could see the shocked expression of the European lady. Her face had contorted into a look of absolute horror and disbelief.

I commanded the dog to stand down and calmly walked over to the car and told the European couple, if I happen to see such a dog that fits such a description. I would do my best to trap it and return it to them. Meanwhile I reminded them that in future whenever they take their dogs for morning walks at the edge of my lands, I would appreciate it if they do me the courtesy of doing so with a muzzle and a leash.

Husband and wife left stunned, baffled and speechless… shaking their heads in disbelief.


“Remember this always. As it applies to relationships of every conceivable nature. If you did not bother to dedicate all of yourself to knowing a thing for what it truly is and what it can be. And it doesn’t matter what it is – could be friends, a lover, wife, child, co-worker, employee or even the electorate. Then someone will just come along one day and take it away from you. It’s as simple as that – you can do anything you want, jump up and down, scream that the world is not fair, beat at the door of a lawyer, say that you are engaged to her, happily married or that it’s unprincipled to take things away from others, but you must always understand that man who takes a thing from you, may not be a respecter of such symbols of possession. He may have a completely different philosophy of ownership that even transcends the limits of the law. And such a peculiar man, I have no doubt whatsoever will just come along and take. And should that day come, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. After all you did not bother to know this thing beyond flesh, bone and into the folds of the mind – you were lazy – besides, what really is true ownership except maybe the knowledge that you know everything there is to know about that thing. And all it really wants is to be close to you….as you understand it completely. And it is at rest. There is nothing as beautiful in this world as the completion of two things that sit in perfect harmony. You could even say, they destined to be together – to be one forever.”

Every year I perform this act before a baffled crowd of villagers to usher in the wayang season which usually last 15 straight days in a row. Fortunately, this year everyone was so kind and no one pelted with rotten eggs, just the odd flying slipper and a couple of snide remarks. That’s a big improvement from last year. I must be getting good at it.

There are many lessons we can draw from 9/11 and transpose it to what’s happening these days to make better sense of what’s really happening in the world. It is easy to do this now (I guess). As 12 years is a very long time for the dust to settle.

If we cast our minds back. Following the downing of the twin towers, it would not be an exaggeration to say many Americans went into a frenzy and framed the issues as simply one of those simplistic, “we are attack, we will strike back!” v “you are either with us or against us” – that was at least how the feeding frenzy came across to moir and this in my opinion is perhaps the most painful lesson along with unvarnished tragedy of 9/11.

As when historians look back today, many remain baffled at how so many reasonable and well adjusted Americans literally turned logic on it’s head to even sanction what they eventually did. To put it another way – 9/11 is the day when America lost it completely…marbles and all, that is. Wonder no more why many who did not stand up and openly admonish the attack were once considered unpatriotic, subversive and enemies of the state, even the supposedly independent American press corps considered by many to the vanguard of the truth were relegated to the role of playing second fiddle as they acquiescence to war mongering en masse – instead of drilling further, all they could manage was a muffled whimper.

As a result of this irrational tsunami of nationalism sweeping across the landscape of the American consciousness – a country marched off to war. The custodians of power even saw fit to suspend many of the elemental rights once enshrined in their constitution – thereby decamping once and for all from the moral high ground.

Today with the benefit of hindsight, we all know things are not so simple. We know for a fact, this whole idea of war against terror is closer to fantasy than anything that bears any resemblance to fact and reality.

We know that there was a criminal failure on the part of the intelligence services to fully interrogate exhaustively the causal link that culminated in the sad events leading to 9/11, along with possibly a pre-determined decision all along by neo-conservatives to initiate a pre-emptive war against Iraq.

In summary, we know much more than we know then – and this should prompt us to ask why?

Of course today many people blame Bush and his motley crew of ultra nationalist for starting a debilitating war that resulted in so many deaths and casualties, prompting a growing number of Americans to even question the wisdom of prosecuting such a war that should not even have been waged in the first place.

But I don’t believe these people (and many of them ordinary and average Americans, I might like to add) who were once so quick to stand up and shout up, “we will not give in! We will fight you!” Without even once bothering to interrogate the evidence or winnow truth from lies can be absolved from blame for contributing to this national tragedy. I happen to believe very strongly those ordinary Americans (not necessarily politicians, but bloggers, steel workers, journalist, lawyers, dentist, bush drivers, call girls, farmers etc) who may have once been quick to judge along with admonish anyone who simply raised his hand and asked, “Err can we have a kit-Kat moment and talk about this further.” And harried anyone for simply questioning the wisdom of rushing into war with Iraq as unpatriotic and subversive must in my view bear so measure of culpability for what transpired. As in truth, when we look back with cooler heads now twelve years latter – that has to be the unvarnished tragedy of 9/11.

The day when ordinary thinking Americans were forced to betray themselves simply because they didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb in their workplace or lose their teaching tenure in a university or simply considered it too costly to be labelled someone who threatened to rock the boat.

And the rest as the say is history.

Retrospectively and very sadly. If there existed a group of vocal skeptics who dared to stand up and demand greater professional accountability from both politicians and the intelligence services following the after math of 9/11 — instead of just being cowered into silence for fear of being labelled unpatriotic and appeasers of terrorism.

The tide of providence along with history might have well changed for the sake of mankind – for all we know not a single American would have died nor would tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians have suffered the same fate.

That I think, is the real lesson of 9/11 – as what it suggest is the idea – life is never so simple as it’s so often depicted by the spin doctors and merchant of who are tasked to engineer consent – I don’t imagine, it’s ever been simple – it wasn’t simple back then on the 9th of September twelve years ago. I don’t imagine it’s simple today either on the 6th of November as I look out at another glorious day unfurling – relax….breathe…it’s another beautiful day.

“Listen very carefully Darkness. The Spacing Guild has discovered a weakness in their program that allows you to project into the time parallax. This is as good as it gets. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We only have one problem, we can get you to the other side. But we haven’t figured out the codes how to get you back yet…we’re working on it, but don’t hold your breathe. It’s best if you figure out that part once you incept over to that time line.

Now remember this, it’s July 23rd 1937 – Shanghai. You’re a textile merchant from Kunming whose prospecting for business in Shanghai, that should explain why you’re carrying a big bag and we have even kitted you out with a Leica. Whatever, you do, don’t lose the camera, that’s the only way for us to track you over this side.

Now listen very carefully, the program only allows you to go in through an old portal that was previously used to play the game – it’s abandoned from what we know, but it’s still good to go.

If everything goes to plan. You will appear in front of Broadway Mansions, that’s the big building just across the the Bund. Waiting at the base of the clock tower of the Customs House Building will be your contact – he’s the man who knows where the target is. I’ll be honest with you. We don’t know much about him. There’s a possibility he’s a contractor and it could well be a trap. That’s why we have issued you a Luger.

You know what to do don’t you?….if it comes to that. The only problem is we don’t know whether it will work in storyboard setting. Besides those are just minor details.

When you met the contact, he is supposed to take you across the street to a dome shaped building of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. Remember we have painted you as an independent anon looking to pay your rent.

Now remember based on our historical records, there are two HSBC’s on the same street. Make sure its the right one – the one where the Texas Company is headquartered at the very top of the bank. We have been informed by reliable sources, they are all there waiting for you in a conference overlooking the entire skyline of Shanghai.

There is only one back up plan. If it gets ugly, we have incepted another team in the Astor. We planned for six, but only two got through, the rest are toasted. It’s just directly opposite the pyramid capped Sassoon building.

If you need help. Make your way there. There’s a talking horse in the depository building at the service entrance of the Sassoon building – if you want to talk to us back here that’s the only way to do it.

Besides that there’s nothing else in this mission held together by superglue and duct tape – this is the best we can do under such short notice against an ultra secure program platform.

Needless to say, if it turns sour. We will deny all involvement in this mission. You will be on your own Darkness. Do you understand. Need I say, this conversation did not take place. I was not here.

Good Luck.”

It is all too easy in life to allow others to pull you by nose like a donkey only for them to say, “Look!” “Do you understand!” “Do you know what must come thereafter?”

Only for you to nod your head like some dumb animal.

But when you sit in one place and still your mind for hours and ask yourself how the trick is pulled off and more importantly WHO stands to benefit most from it – then everything suddenly becomes so crystal clear and it’s so easy to know what will have to come thereafter along with why.

I have no doubt Anonymous will continue to enthral us all with his antics. In the short term, at least. But no matter what he may or may not do. Once the dust settles. I do not believe it can possibly compare with the slew of legislation designed to further curb Internet freedom that will come thereafter.

That at least how I see it. That at least is my reckoning. My opinion so to speak…by the way, you left a big clue Anon… to put it another way, you fucked up big time.

Now consider this…what if I decide to tell everyone and sing like a bird? Ah….that’s another trick…for another time…I bet you’ve never seen that trick performed before….have you?

“Gentlemen empty your mind of all assumptions. Let it be that there is no top or bottom. No gravity even. No right. No left. Only space and time. And the dimension that may exist is all its shapes and form.

Now ask yourself this. What goes into a magic trick? That is to say what are it elements?

Let me share this with you all – a great magic trick MUST consists of three parts. Or chapters.

The first part is called “The Pledge”. The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. In this case a man in a mask. He shows you this thing. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course… it probably isn’t. But there is always enough for you to build on it. To flesh out with your own powers of imagination.

The second act is called “The Turn”. The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you’re looking for the secret.. but there is a lag. That’s because what you expect and what really happens doesn’t quite sit to well with your common sense – because of course you’re not really looking. Or rather just half looking with a mix of curiosity and no more. Truth is. You don’t really want to know. A part of you believe it or not, wants to be fooled. Desires to be deceived even. But you wouldn’t clap yet. Because making something disappear isn’t enough; you have to bring it back again – cut your hand and make it heal magically again. That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part that’s called “The Prestige”. Now tell me, what will be the cure be?

And there you have it, the three parts of a magic trick. Good….but not good enough.”

My heart is heavy. Very heavy. Tell me what is a man who can put a stop to this supposed to do? Does he proceed to live his life as if it’s just another day – knowing full well that the enemy stands before the gates where his wife and children live?

Then again its hardly cut and dried is it? After all just because there is a law doesn’t make it right per se. Not especially when those laws are evil and serves only the interest of those who will use it to perpetuate their class politics and consolidate their hold on power. Besides they didn’t consult anyone, they just pushed it through with a battering ramp. Now it’s all coming back like the karmic boomerang.

No, it’s hardly cut and dried…….

A simple question. Tell me what would you do if you could step into a time machine that could transport you back to 1943 in Warsaw, Poland – a figthened young Jewish girl runs to your house. She bangs frantically at the door. You look out of the window and see burly SS soldiers rushing to apprehend her. Do you let her in and tell them she’s gone the other way. Or do you just pretend you didn’t hear her cries and ignore it all and go to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea.

There lies the dilemma of the thinking moral man. To be or not to be….

It’s not easy, not at all, to make a decision – to fight them off or to watch it all from the sidelines. Why I wonder is it so difficult. Maybe it was the way those laws were passed. They did even bother to consult anyone. They just got it rubber stamped as fast as the could and hope that everyone would forget.

They’re not forgetting are they? Not forgiving either. That’s understandable.

Had it been any different, I would have rolled back the carpet and taken the war back right back where they came from – it’s not as if we haven’t done it be before or they don’t know that we are capable are of it.

What accounts for my indifference? My languor. unwillingness even to care along with the belief, ‘they deserve what they’re getting?” Surely, even that cannot obliterate the idea, there is only one place called home and if it is attacked, then it is the duty of every able man to defend it when the seige machine stands before the gates….so what really accounts for my terminal indifference? What is it? Why don’t I give the order? Why do I find myself vacillating and preferring to believe, this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me….why?

My heart is heavy….so very heavy.


November 1, 2013

Things are NEVER what they appear to be. Not even when all batty Bertha Henson wants to do after buying hook, line and sinker into what our beloved daily rag has to say about anonymous is to jump up and down like a demented Jack in the box.

Nope! Things are definitely not what they appear to be. Not even when the nation destroying press try their very best to make a meal out of the case, ‘we can solve our problems by ourselves, we don’t need others from elsewhere to come on down and do it for us.”

No! Things NEVER what they appear to be. Not even when a whole host of ‘leaders’ prepare themselves to say and write what they will.

Well…NOT at least to the man who knows how to remain so very still for hours on end and to just discern a thing for what it really is and not what everyone says it is.

Nope! I don’t imagine for one moment life can be so very simple where if someone and their dog jumps….others will just follow blindly and jump as well. After all….

As I have been saying all along – things are NEVER what they appear to be…they just seem that way, that’s all.


How Adolf Hitler abolished civil rights and freedom of speech overnight.

On February 27, 1933, four weeks after Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor, the Reichstag building, Germany’s parliament, was mysteriously razed to the ground by a fire.

The following day Hitler and his henchmen rounded up all the opposition along with critics of the third Reich and packed them off promptly to concentration camps under the pretense they were responsible for this treasonable act. End of opposition and critics.

Using the crumbly excuse of ‘terrorism,’ along with the need to unite the German volk against imaginary enemies that he had craftily stage managed himself – Adolf took full advantage of this 9/11 calamity to whip up fear amongst the general public that some sinister force had some secret agenda to destroy the German people and they had to unite under one leader to repel them.

A vigorous propaganda exercise was duly orchestrated by Dr Joseph Goebbels through the MSM to spare no efforts to drum the message that Germany faced a clear and present external threat which could only be interdicted with a new set of laws to what he described as a ‘new’ type of threat which promised anarchy.

This resulted in the passing of the ‘Enabling Act’ that ‘temporarily’ suspended civil liberties to deal with the imaginary threat posed by Communists. 

Though the temporary emergency was supposed to last only till the ‘threat’ was diminished – it remained in force until Germany was in ruins in 1945 when Adolf put a bullet into his head in the Chancellry.

The Germans, by and large, acquiesced with sheepish submissivenes. As a result of a fire, each one of them lost whatever little personal freedom and dignity was guaranteed by the German constitution; as though it followed as a necessary consequence…. more than one of the German legislators had doubts about the official version, but few spoke up. Within months Hitler had acquired a fix all legislatio to muzzle free speech and neutralize all the opposition along with intelligensia who would have posed a threat to the Nazi party. The Germans were thereafter taken to hell by Adolf’s global megalomania which lasted over then ruinous years.

“Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.” – Adolf Hitler