December 6, 2013

I spent the whole evening cracking my head trying to balance an impossible excel spreadsheet for my next land acquisition.

Despite my best efforts. I am still unable to square the accounts.

I can only draw one theoretical assumption from all this. It seems the price of land has shot up so high, it is no longer financially viable to farm commercially any longer in Asia.

Farming in Asia, it seems is set to become a multi millionaires hobby like wine growing.

We must all go to Africa.

Africa is the only continent in the world where arable land is still cheap, plentiful and suitable for plantation.

The only drawback I can see about planting in Africa is, it is often still perceived as a lawless place where everyone seems to carry guns.

But I do not think that is a bad thing. Not at all, especially when one considers that also means competition is largely theoretical, non-existent and you will probably be safer in Africa than probably Singapore.

Yes, the future is definitely in Africa.


“If I have contempt for one aspect of human failing, it is when a man succumbs to his imaginary fears. When one considers how much through the ages has gone to waste on the account of fear, and fear alone. It is a tragedy that I do not believe can be cataloged without doing considerable violence to the history of humanity.

That is why I reserve my greatest contempt for power crazy and unimaginative people, who seem to like nothing better than to put a policeman in the heads of every thinking person.

I reckon the best thing you could do if you are really serious about improving your lot is to take a leaf out of Nelson Mandela’s philosophy of life and grab hold of this policeman in your head, hold him down, slit his throat and watch his life seep slowly out of him.

After that you will be free. Only a free mind can do great things – that is why through the ages, dictators and tyrants have a morbid fear of men who have managed to kill this policeman in their heads.

That is the same reason, why good and noble role models like Nelson Mandela will continue to live on long after their deaths. As for dictators and tyrants, who I wonder even cares to remember them at all….wonder no more why they all seem to do very little except pen books that make great door stops.”

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