Everyone has a right to be who they are really meant to be

December 11, 2013

I don’t really care very much for righteous people who go around telling others – how they should live, what they should work towards or even what is right, appropriate or acceptable.

I just don’t have time for sanctimonious people. And it doesn’t matter what the context it may be – could well be the ongoimg debate where the nation destroying press along with the likes of Bertha Henson kept on drumming: online anonymity is predition or whether you have a right to stand on a soap box in the public square to declare to the world, if you don’t slouch, you stand two inches taller.

One reason why I believe it’s morally wrong for anyone, especially leaders to prescribe the ‘right’ way for others to live by is because everyone has a right to discover their niche in this world – and I know no other way to gainfully accomplish this other than by experimenting with life. That could probably account for why I have never been particularly fond of conceited people who regularly hold the belief online anonymity is some character flaw like perpetual masturbation. As when one labels a person as either weird, crazy or just a trouble maker, then what invariably happens is we all end up seeing the world in just black and white tones – and in this reductible binary world where one is either successful or a failure, scholar or cookie cutter, elite or peasant, team player or anti social, with us or against us etc etc – the middle ground along with good gets elided.

Truth is in every age – there will always be very good and compelling reasons why people choose to do the things they do and most of the time there is no malevolent or insidious intent other that to seek a comfortable niche.

There is nothing wrong with that idea….not at all.

Neither is it true to say just because a blogger elects to come right out into the open doesnt necessary render him or her more enlightened than those who choose to remain in the shadow of anonymity – it just means we all experimenting with the very raw material of life, each under our own terms and speed.

The way I see it – if remaining anonymous makes you comfortable to say and write without a police man running around your head – then by all means, go ahead…if it’s that important to you….then it’s important to me as well and I would have to simply respect that idea.

That I feel is an idea that seems to be completely lost in the runaway train narrative of how the custodians of power these days seem to be scripting the whole argument of why the Internet needs to be regulated. No where in this corseted narrative does it even ask the cogent question – why do people elect to remain anonymous online? Or for that matter whether they even have a right to such a thing as privacy. Granted technophobes and the pineapple eyed Internet brigade may regularly tell us online anonynimty is at best a happy illusion, but just because the technology exist to unmask someone online doesn’t by itself give them the legitimate right to do so.

What really accounts for the ongoing divide between netizens and those who may regard blogosphere as nothing more than a brutish and feral haven? Why are these two groups always at each other throats? Why can’t they just sit down and see eye to eye and even agree to disagree amicably?

Most people may not realize this; but as I mentioned earlier, the root cause accounting for the odium may have everything to do with the medium rather than content – the internet, if u didn’t know like the telegraph, radio and TV imposes a new paradigm of how to make sense of the known world – this is not merely a hypothesis; the process is already under way in earnest. In fact, it’s happening all around us even as I am writing this, altering the full spectrum of our thought processes and coloring how we would normally make sense of stuff.

It’s conceivable, when we talk of common ground these days; the entire question hinges on whether we have such a thing as a common vantage point? My gut feel tells me, the outcome may have everything to do with whether you happen to be a netizen or not.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say; this form of change is closer to the revisit of the invasion of the body snatchers – only it would not be an exaggeration to say the internet may have already altered our traditional cognitive DNA to such an extent; it may not even be possible for many of us to agree on the whole idea of what constitutes; collective consciousness – like the quirky idea of parallel universe and dual economies – we may have to content with the new idea of a dichotomy.

In this parallel universe, it’s conceivable  netizens may even see events unfolding in an altogehter different scale, speed and perspective from those who may choose to deride this medium no end – to paraphrase, we may have lost all hope of crafting such a happy thing as common ground.

This would seem like a novel dystopian theory; if only you didn’t realize cognitive change has always featured along side human history – when we first developed language, we significantly increased our ability to share insights and knowledge across time and space. And as language assumed text; it further compresses meaning into multiple layers of nuances, till of course, for every thesis there is an anti- thesis.

Unfortunately, with every cognitive shift, be it the printing press or telephone – it spawns the same dooms day dystopian warnings, we are all going to drown in a cesspit of electronic cacophony. In its wake the whole gamut of anxieties are dragged into the ark light about the possibility that the advent of the digital age may even do irreparable damage to our natural ability to think sensibly.

For many barreling into this new electronic cacophony it can certainly be a jarring experience; policy makers rue no end how their reasoned discourses no longer have the power to assert their cultural authority on the collective consciousness. Journalist write, only they do so with the knowledge while what they may have to say will certainly appeal to one segment of society; it’s also likely to alienate another and so on and so forth.

Breathe the world is not ending….it’s really always been that way…it’s called progress.


‘I know a boy who lives in my village who everyone once considered cursed by some evil spirit – one day when this boy showed up in my plantation, he started to make strange grunting sounds. As usual most of the farm hands ignored him and some even quite openly called him gila (crazy).

But I looked on – for hours even. While this boy ran around palm after palm often stopping only to grunt like some animal. It took me quite a while to connect the dots. But after a while I realized, he was mimicking the sound of a rhinoceros beetle. A dreaded insect that is able to render a healthy palm sterile.

After that incident, I instructed my farm hands to treat every palm that this boy stood before and grunted at with 5 milligrams of sodium cyanide – and with time the dreaded rhinoceros beetle scrouge was arrested.

Today this boy turns the wheel of life by giving his highly sought after services to plantations and even manages to support his ailing father and entire household with his extraordinary gift. He is no longer consider cursed by the community but rather a heavenly blessing. Above all when others try to stop, hit or chase him away, others who know about this boy’s unusual gift to spot an infected palm will rebuke them.

I think much can be learnt from this parabel of the boy who has this extraordinary gift – but what must first be recognized is that, it takes considerable effort, time and dedication to understand a thing for what it is and not what everyone says it is – that is why when we label others as weird, crazy, anti social or just difficult – then what we r doing is inadvertently bracketing the narrative. Worst of all, we stop thinking right there and then…and just accept – I personally feel that is not a very enlightened way to live a purpose driven life.

As in life, you don’t ever get opportunities like this coming into your life everyday, so if you just chuck it away without even bothering to give it the full light of what it deserves…it’s gone….I mean, if you keep on doing that in life, then don’t blame anyone but yourself if you end up poor, lonely and no one wants to fuck you one day….you deserve your lot!

That’s how I see it.

As experience informs me, everyone no matter rich or poor, clever or dumb (like moir), well adjusted or just plain difficult is born with a extraordinary gift – we all have it in us, you have it and so do I and if you don’t know you have it, it simply means you are yet to discover what it is – that’s really how I see it – could well be something artistic or even mind blowing like being able to paint on water, predict tomorrows weather by just watching the flight of birds. But my point is, the only way to develop this extraordinary gift further is to strive to be comfortable in your element and not bother too much about what others may say or think about you. If possible throw out the idea of what others want you to be and just follow that inner voice.

After all consider this. You do not live your life for them. You live only for yourself and your loved ones.

If all we can do in life is strive unthinkingly like robots to fulfill the demands and expectations of the world. We will probably assume a form and purpose that is very different from who or what we were all meant to be. Being “successful” by the definition of the world regrettably doesn’t necessarily make you feel good about yourself, but “feeling good,” of itself, won’t necessarily lead to fulfillment either. To be truly fulfilled, one must create a sustainable condition for one’s own happiness, and this can only come when you still your mind and listen intently to who you are really meant to be to find your niche in this world……my feel is these days….too many strive to be everyone else except who they really should be…themselves…and that to me is very sad.”

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