Enemy at the gates!

December 22, 2013

This morning Babu, the prince of pariah dogs came to me. He barked three times and pounded his paw three times on the ground and looked to the Eastern gates.

I asked Babu to mobilise the pariah dog nation for war – I told him to get Ramu, the world’s noisest Pariah dog and Supermaniam, the world’s fiercest gangster Pariah dog – before he left, I gave him half a piece of bak kuah and promised him the other half after the mission is completed.

From what Babu has told me – three intruders are hiding in the eastern gates – they are assassins.

Tonite I shall strip naked cover myself in mud and sneak up on them with my trusted bodyguard dog and whole nation of the pariah dogs with only a commando knife to ambush these assassins. I believe when they see my guli’s dangling in the pale moonlight, they will understand the error of their ways.

We will see who is walks out from this alive – I pity stupid who do not know how to wage war!


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