Being at peace and at one with nature’s way

December 23, 2013

When I come across people who share a deep spirited love of nature. Then I believe it is incredibly easy to bond with them. As since we share so many things in common, like a tree that is nourished with water and sunlight, the relationship can only grow from strength to strength.

I’ve always been fascinated by trees and the birds. To me it is never boring to be in the embrace of nature – to me it is always restoring to the spirit, nourishing to my body and very stimulating to my mind.

I guess my love affair with nature stems from my fascination with how something so small as a seed that can fit into the palm of my hand has the power to become something so massive and complex. I see an allegory in almost everything in this world that can be explained in the alphabet of trees and birds.


“I don’t relish the idea of people putting me on a hamster wheel and making me run for nuts. I don’t believe we were meant as humans to live a life where we work twelve hours a day, seven days a week just to accumulate stuff that we would later on regret buying or consign to cash converter.

In my younger days, I didn’t really mind that idea at all – as since I was scripted by society to believe this is what I should aspire towards. That is what, I should own, buy, covet etc etc. So if everyone bought a Walkman I would just save up for one – if I see a man wearing Calvin Klein briefs, I would get myself one, though I never got around to figuring out, how buying the world’s most expensive underwear could possibly give me a six pack and leg muscles to die for – like I said, I never gave life that much thought.

In truth, I hadn’t given life that much thought at all. And I can only imagine all these goals where really something that someone just poured into my brain like cranberry juice.

Somewhere around my thirties, I did remember saying to myself, I am no longer young now and I had better get smart about what I want to take with me into my forties and beyond.

So I started throwing out things in my brain and somewhere in this mental spring cleaning effort – it did cross my mind, whether it would not be such a great idea to jettison my obsession with birds and the trees.

As when I consider how many hours I spent in the park just whiling my time away on the trees and birds – it occurred to me this was not only a time wasting hobby, but it was also the least productive.

But I am glad I decided to keep my love for nature instead of throwing it out from my mind – as when a man loves a thing, he can only be raptured by it – and it is really only a matter of time when then he will commit himself to doing everything in his power to be close to his one and only love – I tell you, there is no greater power in this world other than love. As only love can move mountains – it can even fill a man’s stomach with fire and transform him into a super human being where he can just go right on like one of those soviet tanks.

I once came across a solitary farmer who stood tall before me with a shovel and this man told me in a loud clear voice, “I will fight you and your generations, if you try to take my land away from me!” I asked this man why, he merely replied, ‘I love this land!” Whereupon my resolve dropped right out of my hand like a stone and I cried and embrace him all the while whispering to him, ‘forgive me…you are right…thank you for reminding of what is important and sacred in this miserable world…you are right, I have no right to force you to sell me the land that you so love….let us not fight, let us be brothers.’

We both embraced each other and cried like old women who have lost their sons. As for years – I had fought so many and searched in vain for people such as myself that I had forgotten – The man who loves the land. The rugged individual who lives a simple knight Templar’s life and rejects all forms of opulence along with frivolous and pretentious living. A simple man who is just content to sleep in a field bed beneath the stars to feel the wind against his cheeks and to bask in the very idea that this is all he ever wanted in life.

Therereafter we became kindred spirits. Men cut from the same cloth. Men who love the land and desire nothing else, but to be close to her…always.”

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