Day 1,672 – 16 hours – 23 min – 06 sec

January 13, 2014

“Imagine a game….not an ordinary game….but one that can even jump right out of your computer screen and turn your whole life upside down.

Let’s see. Where is a good place to start…Oh yes, the beginning?…allow me to first explain the rough outline of the game.

The goal is world domination. It begins with 30 of the world’s best gamers, chosen for their proven record in exploration, adventurism and mental resilience to withstand incredible pressure.

Three would go into banking. Another three plantations. And yet another three into mining and so on and so forth covering every sector of trade and commerce on the face of this planet.

Each player is set an objective to grow his business to critical mass. None of the players know each other. They all need to play the game independently without collaborating. When they have accomplished their respective missions – they are all supposed to met again in one location. Since now they are all powerful, wealthy and influential men in their respective fields. They can now proceed to figure out how to save people and planet.

But what happens when after sending off the mission accomplished message…when absolutely nothing happens. I mean zero….absolutely nothing….not so much as a whimper. What happens when that message seems to just go into a black hole and disappear forever…..the servers, they don’t even exist any longer…even the language is so old. I need to use a keyboard from a shop where computers go and die….as for the people who are supposed to write the next level of the game….silence….maybe they don’t play the game any longer….maybe, they all just grew up, got married, put on weight and have all forgotten about this game…could it be all that exist is the remnants of this game….old codes that don’t work any longer….doors that don’t even open.

What happened to the rest of the 29?….Did they even exist? Was I too early? Maybe, I was late and they just left me behind like one of the those poor aliens that didn’t make it back to the mothership…..Will they ever return for me?

I keep sending messages everyday….but nothing… I wonder did this game even exist at all. Coming to think of it, what happens to the man who once conceived and believed in this game only for all others to forget it so completely that it’s crushed by the chastening passage of time.

Tell me please….is anybody out there?”

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