January 13, 2014

Maybe, I am just the first man to make it to the train platform. Maybe no one has really forgotten me and I am not abandoned…forsaken..the rest will be making their way to this same platform.

Maybe, instead of sulking like a child. I should make myself useful and see whether I can do anything to guide the rest back home safely.

No! I absolutely refuse to believe the rest have left without me. Even if they had all come together at one point in time and blasted off, they would have left a sign….a clue for me to catch up and rendezvous with the mothership.

Yes, I must be the first man on the train platform.

I had better make myself useful. Get busy even instead of behaving like a spoilt restless child who has too much time on his hands. I should start tidying up the place. Updating all the old codes so that the rest don’t have to go to shops where computers go to die to just send a bloody message. Fix the things that are broken. That should keep me occupied I reckon.

Yes, I must be the first man on the train platform…this idea of being abandoned by the others….it’s all a figment of my imagination.

I need to put myself together again.

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