Daily Calmness

January 14, 2014

Modern city living does not encourage a calm state of mind. Not at all.

You just need to press the pause button somewhere in your head, when you’re going or returning to work in the car, train or bus to realize this to be true. It hardly requires any elaboration.

If you ask most people about their POV about cultivating daily calmness – they will probably tell you, this is something, they would probably commit themselves too during their retirement.

I have always considered this reply odd, as they really need calmness NOW and not later on in life.

When a calm state of mind is practiced again and again, it will permeate the groundwater of one’s character and can only show through our acts, deeds and thoughts to eventually become a way of life. As we nourish this idea of calmness daily – we will see the world much clearer and can respond much more effectively to the many challenges that come our way.

Darkness 2014


“The most beautiful characteristic in a human being is his or her ability to remain calm, composed and alert.

For a man this is the most attractive quality as it inspires trust and confidence and creates perfect conditions where he can bring out the best in those who he leads.

For a woman this is also a very desirable quality that all serious men will always covet and gravitate too. As when a woman has all the world in the palm of her hands and is calm and not spinning around like a top and diffusing all her nervous energy needlessly – she is really like a lotus on a mirrored lake and such a woman even if she is a one metric ton internal beauty will be magically transformed into a very desirable woman to the serious man.

However, for women and men who are nervous, agitated and scattered brained all the time. They can never be beautiful or desirable even if they appear to embody the form – as since they lack the essential quality of the content that makes them truly beautiful and desirable….calmness.

Men and women who do not see the wisdom of cultivating deep spirited calmness as part of their daily life can only continue to attract the lowest quality men and women along with those who devote their entire life to inconsequential pursuits, such as talking at length about mobile phones, football and ToTo.

These people can never attract the serious men of this world. It is impossible. These category of men will simply not make time for them. They do not even exist.

So for this very sad people who only rely on the superficiality of good looks and the terminal vapidness of their character – their existence will always resemble one big diffusion of energy like a firecracker that burst and lights up the night sky momentarily only to disappear into darkness.

They are cursed forever to always wonder to themselves – why doesn’t a good man ever come into my life.”

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