Why you should always be fair and square to others

January 21, 2014

Early this morning. My gardener, informed me a naked man was seen wandering my lands. When I drove to the spot true enough a naked man stood in the middle of the road waving his hands frantically. It seems he has been robbed last evening while visiting his lands – the man asked me whether I could provide him with some clothes and drive him to the nearest police station. I told him that could be easily arranged if only he could make it worth my while. When I said this, the man peered at me with a strained expression and after a while in a half sobbing exasperated tone, he exclaimed, “please can we do this another time….” I told him in a firm voice, “No!” And once again, I asked, “What can you give me, if I help you?”

The naked man began to ask for water this time – I reached for my water bottle and took a swig while I looked on impassively at him….when he came closer…he must have recognized me and that was when his expression turned to pure horror….and soon a dejected look of understanding swept over him as he must realised then and there, I could offer him ver little in the way of help. As I drove off, the pathetic figure of the naked man got smaller and smaller till he finally disappeared from my rear mirror….soon my thoughts turned to what I would have for breakfast.

Life is cruel….


“In life, when you are helpful to those in need, most will remember your kindness and should you need help one day, they will go out of their way to help you as best they can…..but if you are a calculating sort of fellow who likes to only render help in exchange for some gain or benefit – then you should not be surprised, if one day, when you need help the person who you once rendered service too demands the same from you as well. And if you are the sort who delights in kicking a man when he down and even relishes seeing others beg and grovel before only to turn them down with glee. Then do not be surprised if one day should the tables be turned, you too will find yourself grovelling before the person who you once treated like a dog….the world is round…and life is really a marathon…when one sees relationship in this light, then I believe, it may not only improve manners but it will also serve as a sobering reminder that we are after all living in a world of consequences and we should all take responsibility for our actions, words and thoughts….life after all can be very cruel.”

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