I have a feeling someone is going to be trading his Porsche for MRT aroma therapy

January 22, 2014

Today I went down the ultra secretive Planter’s and Miners club in my No 1 bush jacket – I told the serious men over a public school style breakfast complete with skippers… If the law is toothless…then community pressure must be brought to bear on irresponsible wusses who like to shoot their mouths off like a blunderbuss… this I went on to tell them all can very easily be done with one phone call to Hong Kong. I went on to tell these men, if those old school bankers in Hong Kong cannot be relied to do the right thing – then maybe the Planters should find someone else to manage their wealth. I went on to tell these serious men that with the power of internet these days, even incendiary news can spread very easily across the causeway and what if simple minded villagers come to know banks who manage the wealth of the planting community are harboring brained damaged people who look down and despise the poor.

We will have a revolution!

The invisible hand is now furiously at work.

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