She is here – El Nino

January 24, 2014

I sensed her arrival last night when the men were sound asleep. I could even feel her deep in the marrow of my bones as she slipped in the cover of darkness from the East – felt the cold whispering hush as she brushed against my cheeks…ever so slightly…like a long lost lover’s first touch. She is early. I didn’t expect her this early….and now that she stands before me I suddenly feel like a helpless child. Damn my weather forecast are all fucked now! There are all useless – she’s capricious and has a foul temper to go with it. I would need all my wits about me this year to read her right. I know many farmers and sailors curse her, but not I. She can’t help herself as the moon and the Northern winds
affect her – if I fail to read her well, she could wipe out all my profit this year. I need to thread carefully this time and observe her quietly like the mythical lover to see beyond flesh, bone and into her deepest secrets.

It is not easy to be farmer. No at all….

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