A spot of European weather in the Tropics.

January 26, 2014

For the whole of last week and I have every reason to believe the whole of next month – we will experience sunny skies and historically cooler weather. It is exactly like spring in Europe.

This is due to a combination of the Northeasterlies and the early arrival of El Nino that has caused an unusually low pressure rift in Oceania – funnelling very dry winter winds from Siberia and China to Malaysia and Singapore.

While the cooler climate is certainly a boon for outdoor lovers – to farmers it can be problematic. As when it suddenly gets too cold, trees and plants have a tendency to go into semi-herbination mode and this means, fruit ripening will take considerable longer than usual.

This is the reason why veggies in Malaysia has increased in price. They take longer to get to the market.

Meanwhile enjoy the weather. This does not happen very often, maybe once in ten years.

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