Why it doesn’t pay to mindlessly hate the rich

January 26, 2014

Understand this! The privileged classes did not just aspire to wealth, power and influence by sheer luck. They accomplished this incredible feat by excelling and in certain cases monopolizing a highly sought after skill of arms that allowed them to perpetuate their way of life by exactation – to put it another way. They (the rich) are in all probability sublimely clever, highly disciplined, deeply commited and very adept at risk taking – in many cases they are so good at what they do. They are at the top of their game. Remember this always! As this is the skeleton key that opens the door to wisdom and a world of possibilities. People who tell you the rich have nothing whatsover to teach us are stupid..smart people dont hate a man just because they see him driving a bigger car…they think like hunters…they process infromation strategically…meaningfully….methodically….they ask themselves like the conquistadores of lore…….what does he know that i need to learn and master as a skill of arms….they have no time to be jealous..even less patience for sugary and homily delusikns that somewhere in the endless litany of poverty there is the promise of redemption…imagine a jackboot pressed against the face…that’s poverty……the definition….to take even a morsel of hope from an abje t state ..as that is a very poisonous attitude that can add very little value to your life. As not only will it disable you by keeping you poor, but it will also provide you with the raw material to hate the rich mindlessly amd to even fashion your own deluded world that there is honor in poverty.


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