Why I hope Mr Casey and his family come back home to Singapore

January 28, 2014

The greatest acme of war is not to vanquish your enemy – any bloody fool can do that – the most advanced level of warcraft is to conquer the mind of your enemy so that he sees the world according to your terms….when this is done…the enemy is obliterated completely.

Come, come, tell me what is really to be gained by getting hot under the collar and booting out the likes of Mr Casey?

Going by what the Internet has to say, some would have us all believe this will serve as a warning to other FT’s to behave themselves – will it work…..Well of course it will…a big stick always works….only one should at least see a thing for what it is and understand it is at best a very primitive method to solicit compliance….and though appearance wise…on the surface it may well work. But let us all not be naive even in this forum for one moment this by itself has the agency to affect real change….Aha! It seems some of you don’t seem so confident now…..as I believe you can see where I am coming from….as let us face the facts squarely… in the privacy of their cosy insiderism club, the racist will always continue to be the racist….they will all be still cracking racist jokes along with disparaging us flat nosed and slit eyed natives, so what you fucks really end up with is a whole lot of foreigners who just embody the form without the content.

Result: a big fat zero.

Consider this: what if conditions came about that would make it possible for the likes of Mr Casey to make amends to the community – to even integrate him osmotically into the native way of life so that he will be internally persuaded…so that one day he experiences an intensely life changing moment of epiphany where he suddenly realises his Mars bar fried in batter served up with Chips on a crumpled copy of the Daily Sun British culture is an inferior….and despicable way of life.

With skilfull intergration Mr Casey can even be the Singaporean version of Albert Speer where he can rolled out from time to time to further the idea – it doesn’t pay for foreigners to keep to their gated communities as life will be better, sweeter and infinitely more interesting if he marinates with the natives. This in my view is what the strategic thinker would do, he would milk the opportunity for all it’s worth – besides you all forgetting one thing….the world is watching….the show must go on…don’t you all think so.


“People who tell you culture is the stuff of primroses and parks and serve no useful purpose all have to be awfully stupid. As what they demonstrate is a very shallow understanding of power and politics and how it can be directed strategically – do you really imagine the British Empire or for that matter any empire could have come about with just the force of arms alone?

Ask yourself how could only a handful of white men rule over so many in British India? How is that logistically or for that matter logically deduced to be possible if we were to try to understand this great human feat by just number crunching men and materiale…understand this!

What made this possible was the superiority of their culture. As in the age of empire, British culture was at it’s zenith – My God I do not think people understand how powerful a concept culture is or for that matter how intimidating and terrifying it can be, just imagine if one were thirteen and educated in Harrow or Eton – to have oil paintings of stern men glaring from high above when one sits in long benches for breakfast – to walk day after day in acres of oak panelled corridors surrounded by the musty smell of leather-bound books, stained glass windows set against the placid backdrop of rolling hills of Merchant Taylor’s or some prepartory school in Surrey – it is very easy for such a boy to grow up believing in the politically incorrect idea, there is certainly an aristocracy in men and all men are not born equal…as these are hardly your crass money money money Rolex Porsche , beauty queen marrying ilk….they are highly polished…cultured..they, the polite classes much prefer the understated luxury of Aquascutum, the suggestion of luxury is all that is needed to convey class – there is no need for vulgar labels, to the really rich, they can discern quality by just the texture and the cutting of a suit….they even prefer the finicky Morgan and Bristol to the Ferrari which they have the temerity to consider ‘ lacking in refinement’ and of course the tweed jacket of Austin Reed. Their men are so very simple….yet sublimely well read….they are not materialistic at all…fine gentlemen who are all sportsmen who believe in this stupid idea of fair play….can you imagine this people are so ridiculously above board and fair that in a duel, they would actually say to you and me, “would you like to shoot me first?” – they are perfect gentlemen….the type that can even make me cry and say to them, “I am so sorry, but maybe this duel is a mistake, can’t we just shake hands and be friends.” Unlike the loutish underclass who only have the feral Coronation Street culture, who cannot even speak proper English, who think the Queensbury rules is a football manual and only seem to want to get drunk and cap it off with a vindalo curry every weekend, shag and seem to be perpetually obsessed with football…. If we could attract the upper classes to Singapore, we would have no problem from them…as they are all top drawer gentlemen.

I have never had any problems with the well heeled English – it is the culture less underclass who are cause of 99.9% of the problems we see today!

As for their well heeled women folk, they wear Laura Ashley, not Prada or Versace….they the privileged classes are so polished and civilised….the ladies of the upper classes are not like the underclasses who are fat and crude as they don’t munch on pork pies and fried twix with chips – they are all like French women, they sip their Darjelling tea from the finest bone china, nimble their crumpets with their legs crossed….they even say please love me….very easy women to love.

I once had a daughter of Viscount as a girlfriend, she was educated in Malvern Girls School, read law in Oxford and worked for the United Nations – when I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident, we stayed in the countryside together, she took care of me – I remembered being very happy there…she liked gardening and looked so sweet in her Wellies, had it not been for the awful British weather that made me regularly suffer from melancholia and suicide tendencies – I would have certainly married her…. The awesome power of culture, good breeding is to be found in them…they are all very elegant, even those who are one metric ton are beautiful in their own way….this is portable power…cultural imperialism at it’s best – the sort that is the equivalent to the atomic power of the sun…….In Africa I have witnessed first hand how the sight of a British woman in a hat and white gloves can even bring a locomotive to a halt….I really do not believe people understand how highly evolved, polished and civilised the British ruling classes are…..I really don’t believe they know how superior their way of life is and how delectably persuasive it is that they can even harbour the believe everyone on this planet should live life only like them…this attitude has always been mistaken for arrogance…or British colonial imperialism….because if they did, then you would have absolutely no problem in understanding the political theory of empire…none whatsoever…this is the same reason why I don’t agree with stupid politicians who say, culture is a meaningless thing….as I know this first hand…I wished I didn’t, but I know….a superior culture will always overcome an inferior culture.”

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