The Art of Making it up as you go along…but first you got to let go!

February 19, 2014

All of us have experienced it before. We may not even be consciously aware of it, but trust me. We have. The art of making it up as we go along, that is…to begin, with just a rough outline of how a business plan, holiday, party or even a simple conversation will unfurl and to just let it take us wherever it decides to go…while we sit back and enjoy that long and amazing ride that took all kinds of unexpected twist and turns….I reckon life can much more interesting and fulfilling, if we just learn to let go of many our fears, anxieties and concerns and sit right back and enjoy the journey.


“Life can be beautiful, if only we are prepared to let go of the things that hold us back. Its really as simple as that. I don’t really see the point of sweating stuff that I have no capacity to exert control over – for example, its dry now, where I am and everything is shriveling up real fast and furious…that’s bad for agriculture, mucho bad. But I am not too concerned, as my life style is the very definition of simplicity unto itself, and if I have to do with less….I will just do with less…but it could have been very complicated I reckon, if for example, I have a lifestyle like a furnace where I regularly need to shovel loads of money just to keep the fire going, then I guess it would probably be a very big problem to let go..but like I said, I live a simple life. So letting go is not a problem, I will just enjoy the dry season for as long as it last….as when the wet season comes, I am sure it too will bring it’s own blessings and curses just like the wet season…that’s the way it is.

I think its the same with people, some people just bring out the worse in me, and as I get older, I am just not interested to get into a debate who is right or wrong any longer. I used to be passionate about getting my point across, but these days I just feel that sort of attitude may well be counter productive, if not self defeating – so if these people feel, they are right, justified and closer to the truth, then so be it…alright…go lead your life…bye bye. My point is I no longer want to sweat that sort of nonsensical stuff any longer – I don’t want to live my life wondering any longer why people are cruel, why do they always want to sabotage me…why are they so bochap…why can’t they love and support me…why do they abandon me …why do this and that why, why, why, why etc etc…

I dowan, dowan, dowan…dowan to wonder any more like an engine running and going no where – those things no longer have a hold on me, as I have made a decision to let go…so they fall right out of my hand and I just walk right thru that door.

Because I realize one truism…ONLY you can make yourself happy, fulfilled and commit yourself to lead a purpose driven life. ONLY you! Not someone who once walked on water, that fellow can only leave you 10% poorer every month…Or some stupid con man who you saw on TV who asked you to be a crane operator, all he cares about is his bottom line so that he looks good at the end of the year to his boss. So if you’re a robot and take a run with what he told you, don’t be surprised, if you end up poor, fat and no one wants to fuck you. My point is, if you have to depend on others to make you happy all the time by setting the things that are wrong in your life, right…then it also means they can make you sad as well…as what you really done by delegating your happiness and well being to others is to give them so much power over your life that you may even have to put your hand up just for urination breaks one day – so it’s best in life to just let go of those things that you can never control in the first place and just focus on controlling what you can 100% – what’s happening in between your ears…take care of ONLY that…do it well…so well that you can trust it 100% to make the best life decisions and I am very sure everything else in your life that’s not going right will fall into place quite nicely.

But before you can do that….you have to let go…and just go with the flow.’

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