Trying not to sweat the small stuff

February 20, 2014

I have always been punctual all my life. I don’t mean just on time, but military punctual, right down to the millisecond – that’s always been part of my nature ever since I could remember. That I reckon could well be the reason why waiting for people has always been something very stressful, where I tighten up and get anxious about when they’re going to show up or fulfill their end of the work task – that along with wondering why these people are so inconsiderate by not even respecting my time.

It’s frustrating and can make me you or me angry. Especially, if like me, you’re anal about keeping time.

But today, I took a different approach. I loosened up, and while waiting for someone, I told myself, it was not as if I needed to rush anywhere today or that I have any back to back meetings. So I just sat down and took in the marvellous view of the mountains early in the morning when a slight mist still blanketed the plantation – I just flowed with the moment as if I wasn’t beholden to the clock and when the person eventually show up. I realised, I was much nicer person…..

I like to believe from this example many of us can often be our own creators of heaven or hell to either make our days miserable or happy – its really all in your hands….the power not to sweat it, that is.


When we are anxious, it’s only because what we plan and what happens don’t gel together – we may want to be somewhere at a certain time or want something to pan out the way we see it in the grand design of our mind’s eye. But this expectation…. this goal….this need … it’s entirely self created.

We create a picture in our head….a need…a story…and when it doesn’t turn out the way, we visualise it, we feel frustrated and angry. That’s it. No Da Vinci code there.

Hence we create our own anxiety. And WHY is knowing this is so important – as if we genuinely want to fill our days with more happiness and less grief – then we better learn how to let go…..either that or we just get used to going thru life huffing and puffing like an angry bird….to simply let go of want…expectation…and even need and to just allow ourselves to loosen up.

When we see the world with this attitude, we are indeed bullet proof to stress and many of the seven habits of highly ineffective people and circumstances which used to frustrate and make us angry…the inconsiderate driver who cuts into your path….waiting for someone who doesn’t respect your time…dealing with difficult people….or getting a handle on our emotions when things just don’t go our way.

No! I don’t for one moment believe adopting this attitude necessary means you’re selling out on your values, beliefs and principles. It just means you value your peace of mind above all else and you don’t mind letting the small stuff that can ruin your day just slide – so to me its a great trade off. As when you choose to keep your mind still like a lotus on a calm mirror lake… it just means you are very serious about living right, instead of just existing while other people press your hot buttons no end.

Breathe it’s another beautiful day…..

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