The worlds biggest mystery – the missing jetliner of Malaysia

March 19, 2014

This mystery is set to go down the ages and join the hallowed ranks of the search for the lost city of Atlantis. I guess one reason why most of us continue to be riveted by this episode is because – in this day of age of ubiquitous digital pineapple eyed connectivity, it’s inconceivable for anyone to believe that a commercial jetliner with a footprint of a medium sized factory can just go poof! And disappear. Strange isn’t it in an age when spy satellites can even read food labels on a can of beans on a supermarket shelve. This can still happen.

Makes Ripley’s believe it or not look like an appliance instruction manual.

To me I don’t really see how any sane person can just draw the simple conclusion just because the transponder and ACARS was disabled and the plane diverted it necessarily means there had to be either foul play or a hijack – that’s like saying you have to be a geologist just because you live in a cave or something.

Experience informs me, when things get too complicated and nutty, usually Orcam’s razor proves most instructive. Hence I much prefer the simplest and most probable explanation – i warn you all, its dead pan boring and goes something like this. Something catastrophic occurred during the flight. The pilots tried to save the day and that involved disabling the transponder along with other such hardware. But they were simply overwhelmed and keeled over and died. The plane continued to fly like the Mary Celeste on a preprogrammed course till it ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea.

Where I think Malaysia could have saved herself, neighbors and the families of the crew and passengers a whole lot of grief was if only the radar operator on that fateful night had done the job that he was supposed to do and unidentified the unidentified aircraft that was clearly flying away from it’s planned flight route – had this person done his job, maybe someone further up the food chain would have realized it’s hardly normal these days for planes to be flying with their transponders switched off over a sovereign state – that person could have scrambled fighters to establish visual contact with the missing plane when it re-entered Malaysian airspace, then I reckon this search for the proverbial needle in the haystack would all be so unnecessary.

This just goes to show you, even the best systems are really only as good as the weakest link in the chain. In this case those who are responsible for manning multi million dollar systems….its also a classic case of how one person or a group of people can have such a disproportionate effect on the outcome that it even boggles the mind that no fail safes were built into the system to augment this failing – I wonder did the radar operator even realize that fateful night that a rogue plane with it’s call sign switched off was even flying over Malaysian airspace? What if the plane crashed into a crowded stadium in a city?

Why even have a radar in the first place, if it cannot do the job that tax payers have paid for?


‘All this hijacking theory and landing on a island where the mountain can open up like one of those James Bond movie where the baddie is always stroking a cat as he mulls over world domination is the stuff of movies.

It is fantasy!

As when you assemble the facts chronologically. At the moment the plane strayed from it planned flight route and headed back towards Malaysian airspace with its call sign disabled that one anomaly alone should have been red flagged as a clear and present danger by the radar operators.

From that point onwards all attempts should have been made to establish contact with the flight crew of the rouge airplane. Failing which Malaysian fighters should have been scrambled to intercept and establish visual contact with the rouge plane and to even shadow it or if necessary shoot it down if it threatened to crash in a densely populated area – that’s how sane and competent folk will react when airplanes the size of a factory decides to fly as if it’s their grandfathers skies – that’s why strategic planners buy radars and fighter jets, they’re designed to interdict threats from the air. They’re not meant to entertain crowds during national day. Had all this been done by the book….all this search here and there and everywhere would have been unnecessary….but instead on that fateful night…the rogue plane just flew right over Malaysian airspace unnoticed and into the great unknown.

To me the question is not what happened on the doomed plane. Or even whether any of the pilots regularly hear voices or if there was a fire or any other fantastical theories – there remains only ONE question: how is it possible for a plane the size of a fire station to fly over Malaysian airspace and not be noticed by all the men and material invested?

Who is going to take responsibility for this?’

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