One documentary that will change forever how you see yourself and the known world

April 9, 2014

I warn you…..certain beliefs will always be dangerous. Especially the sort that can change the way you see yourself and the known world around you. As that sort of arcanum can stick in your brain like chewing gum. You can of course try to scrape it off. You may even dedicate yourself to the intensity of work or any for that matter any other diversion that demands something beyond the brain power it takes to tie your shoelaces…. but trust me, what I am about to share with you… will always linger like a faint watermark in your consciousness…yes, there will be enough of a residue to remind you the world has skipped a beat and jump only for everything to find it’s place again…and you were the only one who noticed this.

Remember always what I shared with you in the very beginning…certain beliefs will always be dangerous.

Still here? OK here goes…

I have always harboured the belief politicians and big corporations were messing with our heads – but I didn’t really have anything tangible in the way of proof – it was always just a niggling feeling like how I would see things in the corner of my eye which always seem to disappear whenever I turned to look at it squarely….but I knew, it was always there…lurking somewhere in my mind….influencing me….ever so silent…but I never doubted for one moment…mystery was furiously at work.

At times, I would hear or see something and automatically a train of thoughts would produce either happiness or sadness, ease or disgust etc. In the very beginning, I questioned the origins of these thoughts…sensations….responses….I wanted to know where they came from….did they really belong to me….or did someone just put it all there.

I started by reading. I read prolifically…All the while peering deeply into the darkened interiors of my mind and observed the manner in which, these thoughts influenced my responses, behavior and emotion.

Eventually I learnt to follow these streams of consciousness very much like one of those cloak and dagger secret agents, always mindful that they could either be friend or foe, careful never to get too attached to them or to be led astray by the many images they would conjure in the movie theatre somewhere in my head. It was as if the part which was me…the “i” – became a witness of myself in the greater universe of the “we” – soon I became the very raw material of this experiment which lasted nearly a decade. In the course of my long journey to self consciousness and spiritual and mental freedom, this documentary was perhaps one of the most important touchstones that allowed me to use it as a reference point to build further on the whole idea of personhood.

I hope this excellent documentary gives you the skeleton key to open the many closed doors in your life.  I hope you will be patient and allow it bring transformation change to your life…in ways that can only describe as intensely profound. As it did for me. It’s a 20 parter, it’s long, very long. But it has to be, as it deals with a subject matter that is complex and deep.

I can only share with you how this will begin….I cannot tell you how it will end.

I am Darkness, the humble servant of the truth.


“Most people want to change world. The way we eat, replace this with that. All I my life’s work can be summed up in one phrase – I just want to understand myself better.

I reckon, if I can just do that and I come to terms with really simple things like why I get irritated, angry or just feel depressed for no apparent reason – then I believe only then is possible to change the world.

If your mind is so cluttered and messed up, then how is the good, better and the best part of you supposed to work itself out from your pathetic self into your family, friends and the broader world?

So you see to me…it clear as day. If we are really serious about this whole idea of effecting good change and not just forming empty words and stringing sentences that all sound good but amount to really nought. Then we need to first work on many of our time honoured assumptions. We need to interogate them to see whether they are consistent with who we want to be.

The sleeper must awake.”

(Thread in Ekunaba)


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