Could this be the reason why stress affect more Singaporeans than Thais

April 14, 2014

The answer might just as well be found in commercial beer…Friday’s…parking lots…or affordable meals….the key word here is ‘might.’ Then again, it’s much easier for the Thai’s to manage stress, I reckon. As recreation drinking in Thailand is significantly cheaper when compared to super duper expensive Singapore, which would probably cause you cancer of the wallet.


‘Just because you don’t want to talk about a problem doesn’t mean all is well. All it really means is, you don’t want to talk about the problem. Neither does it mean the problem you don’t want to talk has magically been resolved or doesn’t exist, it just means you much prefer not to see the problems when they surface…and trust me, they will always surface in ways and means which will always show that all is not well even though you choose not to talk even so much as once about the problem.

All wise men know this, only stupid people remain ignorant of this great equalising rule.’

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