Why useless politicians should be careful when they scold the people who elected them.

April 23, 2014

This is a true story…

Not very far from where I turn the wheel of life. There is a dog who has a habit of bolting out of his compound and frightening all the villagers. When this happens, I am called by the local constabulary to hunt the animal down. Usually I find it wandering my lands. When the dog is returned to the owner. The farmer will give the poor animal a scolding and proceed to whip the shit out of it…and this seems to go on….and on and on. The pattern is always the same with very little or no variation.

When everyone in the village ask this farmer – why does your dog always run away from home and frighten everyone? The farmer will usually reply, ‘it’s a bad dog that must regularly be whipped, otherwise she will not know her place.’

On the seventh occasion when the dog ran away again and after returning it to the owner. I decided to give this farmer some friendly advice. I told him that dogs are by nature territorial creatures and since he has so many animals in his compound, such as a pet hog, a monitor lizard, geese, rabbit, monkey, cat, parrot and even a boa constrictor – if he wanted to run a private zoo. He should consider an enclosure for each animal so that every species will have their own space to call their own – that way his dog will not feel as if it’s space is violated and will not be so nervous and bolt away all the time.

He told me to mind my own business and fuck off.

One day when his dog ran away again. The foolish farmer showed up on my lands with a policeman. He pointed to a tanned alsatian and said, ‘that is my dog and this man is a thief.’ When he called the dog, she ignored him and that was when the foolish farmer raised his whip…only this time, the dog gave him 120 stitches….I just watched…what else could I do….he had after all thought it was his dog…..


‘I am a farmer. I can pick up a thing that the world considers worthless and useless and give it so much love that it flows over the brim and much more. This thing will grow like a humble seed into a big and wondrous thing and one day when I say come my love….it will simply come to me…..that is why I hope stupid people will scold and throw things which they are foolish enough to consider worthless away….as providing they continue to do this, then I can continue to do the things I do. I pity these people as they will always say, what is it about this man….but the fools of this world will never ever know the truth…as I am simply, the man who will always pick the things the world throws away and love them perfectly…yes, I have no doubt…we will win!’


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