My personal Usman Harun impasse

April 26, 2014

Six months ago. A group of businessmen in my village conspired to cheat me. Had their plans gone thru. It would have certainly torpedoed me and set me back.

Since then, the equivalent of a cold war has colored village life – I no longer dine on the same table as these men or any of the other men who are associated with them. I have severed all business ties with this group of people and made it clear to others I will boycott them, if they do business with these people.

I have even made it clear and unambiguous to the village elders that I want nothing short of an apology from this group of businessmen who they seem to offer protection.

Since the impasse, life in the village has been tense. I don’t imagine it can be so different from one of those scenes in a cowboy movie – as whenever I show up in the village kopitiam this group is present….all the patrons run off….they’re fearful….and for very good reasons.

It is so very tense……

Early this morning today. A group of village elders paid me a visit. They told me the impasse between me and this group of businessmen is making everyone so nervous that it’s affecting business – and because of this, the other side has agreed to apologize to me……

When I heard this….I did not know what to say. You see…Since the impasse began I have invested so much into neutralizing these group of businessmen – a dirty war to undermine them is in place…..coupled to that, I have invested so much time, effort and brain juice to further erode their credibility along with sabotaging their enterprises….I have even launched an elaborate deception plan last month scheduled to strike their businesses next month!

Now they want to apologize and sue for peace!!!!

These people are very inconsiderate….as after all the time and effort I have invested in this impasse, they should at least have the courtesy to continue waging war with me…..Now I have to find a good excuse to turn down their offer of an apology….but how can I do this without coming across as a war monger…..these people r just fucking inconsiderate….have they ever considered, if I don’t fight them…then how the hell am I going to go forward!


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