There can be no peace…..

April 26, 2014

This has to be a trap lah! It is is designed to make me look petty and small minded should I decide to reject the olive branch – not that I am not petty and small minded….actually I am lah. Fortunately, I learnt enough from the likes of PAP, SPH, Bertha Henson and that other Potemkin site the Singapore daily the strategic value of embellishing, exaggerating and assassinating the truth – kampung folk can’t be allowed to know this…the truth needs to be massaged, processed and if possible even engineered in such a way where I don’t come across as the evil person that I actually am. I need to somehow secure the moral high ground and be seen as a victim and not an aggressor.

Mother fuckers have all checkmated me! Mother fuckers! Thrown a spanner into the works even….to do this now when I am so close to crushing all of them! This is the excuse that I needed all these years to make my move and now the wind has gone right out of my sail! Fuck them lah!

I have to use time as a weapon. Delay them while I continue my dirty war to secretly undermine their influence in the community through a process of lies, disinformation and character assasination.

Its not as if I have a choice. Put yourself in my shoes! Besides if other people know that I am willing to forgive those who trespass me so easily, then all it would do is send a message to every huckster, charlatan and confidence trickter to take a bite out of me – No! I am so sorry, I can’t allow this to just slide. Cannot. Will not. I have to make an example out of these people to even show others this is what happens when you double cross me!

Once I finish them off – then I will accept their apology. Besides war is just a continuation of politics by other means.

Besides I can’t be blamed for this! I never disturb anyone. I was prepared to keep the peace. I even kept all the covenants and to the best of my knowledge. I always remained truth to my words – after all if stupid people decide to live dangerously and dig their spurs into me for fun and fail to consider that I may not be all together so different from one of those bad tempered farm horses with a big ass and giant hooves – the type that doesn’t mind just sitting on people who take a dig at them till they turn blue and stick out their out their tongues….and die…am I really to blame?

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