How to serve your country and countrymen….

April 28, 2014

The best way to do this if you happen to be a struggling PMET is to go out of Singapore – start an enterprise and make it into a success. Never settle for downgrading. Never! Because if you buy into that shitty propaganda, all you’re really doing is cannibalising the best aspects of yourself just to get by – to me this has to be the most insidious form of slow of acting poison. As even if you manage to get by with that sort of crappy software. All you can really hope for is a miserable life of existence and never the gold standard of living the life that you were meant to live. Neither should you allow your skillsets to corrode away by driving a taxi or guarding a condo or by settling for any other job that takes away your self esteem and pride… that is defeatism. A solvent that will eat your soul up and leave you a hollow man.

I realise some of you may feel this is just a stop gap measure – something that you may consider doing till something better comes along. But once you’re committed to running in that treadmill of tiny slices of death that goes nowhere. I can almost guarantee you 110% nothing better is ever going to come your way – nothing lah!

As all you will be thinking about is driving. You will even end up dreaming about getting stuck in the traffic jams. Driving will occupy every waking hour of your attention that it will only just be that and nothing else, till the end of time. And since you will be marinating with defeated folk who can only find comfort in TOTO, football and salacious make belief tales of the MILF they picked up yada yada yada – there will be nothing to feed your brain and you will end up stupid.

Pack your bags and just go! Make something out of your life. Do not buy into the propaganda that life is dangerous outside Singapore. As even in seemingly bubble wrapped Singapore one can just as well die in little India on a bad hair day or anywhere else. Besides, if all you’re doing twelve hours a day is superglued to a taxi – the chances are you will probably be prime candidate for 1,001 diseases due to lack of exercise. Coupled to that, you will end up bald, fat and no one will want to fuck you. You can never hope to be a George Clooney uncle with 5% body fat and a six pack. You will look like Jabba the hut!

But if you just get on your bike….and go in faith that no matter where you decide to turn the wheel of life….life will definitely get better…..come on lah! It can never be as bad as where you are right now….not even if you’re smack in the Ukraine in a fire fight or in a pot with diced carrots somewhere in Africa with the locals bucking to tribal music.

As when you succeed….and you will! You just don’t know it, but you will! You will inspire many to do the same and in this simple way….you would have given the hopeless faith in a better tomorrow.

You will be hero and I for one will have absolutely no trouble linning up for hours just to shake your hand!


‘In my humble opinion. A true blue patriot is someone who has the will power and capacity to render the whole idea of government optional, irrelevant and obsolete in his life. I don’t doubt for one moment this may require such a strong minded person to nurture a false sense of arrogance and perhaps even nurse a certain revulsion for politicians and their hanger on’s, where he might even consider these noisy people as just glorified food court managers – but in my opinion such an attitude as anti social as it may be is preferable to surrendering oneself to the inferior idea that your fate can acually reside in the hands of lesser men.

Whether a first class or crappy outfit is running the country is wholly an irrelevant matter to the patriot – as he will just work around those issues to ensure that his lot comes up tops.

Just imagine the whole idea of government being an optional construct – and that is really just another way of saying…sometimes the things that you cannot change will change you! So to me, there is no point in complaining that things are not right or that there no level playing field or the custodians of power just don’t have the requisite powers of empathy etc etc.

As in life you can only reinforce failure a few times and no more. Only bloody fool will continue doing the same thing day after that expecting different results. It has to be a form of insanity to try to change that which can never lend itself to change. At some point, you just have to cut off that which is rotten and say to yourself – ‘I rather rule in hell than be ruled in heaven!’ As to me, even if there is a lousy outfit in power, then I will just treat that as a constraint or bottleneck and work my way around that idea to make my life better….and this I do, by just picking up and voting with my slippers…bye bye lah…I go my way…you go yours lah! After all since I don’t believe in your mission…if I stay on..all I am going to do is cause myself to be a very bitter and angry man. So it’s best, if I just go lah….I am off to make a better tomorrow for myself and my kiddies….as for you….you have always been optional to me….it’s all in my hands.

It has always been that way and it will not be any other way but that way…all in my hands!’

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