Preparing for a monster El Nino event & forthrightness

May 9, 2014

    Weather scientist are by nature an ultra conservative lot. The direct opposite of shoot from the hip sorts. Just the kind of cover your ass folk who like to lash their reports with – ‘providing’ ‘as long as’ ‘assuming’. So when they begin using hyperbolic terms to describe what they see as “unprecedented” “a biggie” and “monster.” You just know that the shit is going to hit the fan lah – its really as simple as that. To me at least.

    As even if one discounts the usual round of exaggerations associated with long range weather prediction – it’s fair to say, El Nino is a done deal.

    The question is not whether it will hit any longer as it remains the hard nose case of – when will it hit…..where…. how hard….. and for what length of time?

    Even by the most conservative estimates. All the experts agree, El Nino this time round is expected to be an epic event. One that may even be hotter and more intense than even the record-shattering 1997-98 El Nino. What this means for me as a farmer is I am staring down the business end of a meat grinder.

    Or maybe not….I’ve done what needs doing….gone thru what I should have done a thousand and ones times and there’s nothing else to do.

    Now all that remains is to wait for the El Nino that bastard child to come… And of course to hang on tight for the ride of a lifetime. The way I see it, it’s going to be lose lose either way one decides to splice it. The question is whether one loses big or small that is all….I see both salvation and perdition from all this. As many landowners will go down under and for all one knows, this may be a good time to pick up on prime land on fire sale prices. Then again the carnage could well be so devastating that it could well set me back a few years.

    It’s hard to say what the future holds. Sometimes in life, the best that a man can hope for is to roll as best he can with the punches.

    Bring it on lah!


    ‘Farming to me has always been an allegory of life. A metaphor even. Just as not everyday can ever be a sunny day. Some days are what I can only refer too as epic fuck days – you know the sort where you know, your boss is out to sack you and the future is as clear as mud. We have all been there. In that place where every passing moment cuts like a knife….nursing whatever little courage we have against something that is so menacing and big…wondering whether we can get thru to the other side safely or that it will just spit us out.

    Losing your job, health problems, floundering relationships…they’re all storms to me…and when a man walks into a swirling storm with only a crumbly hope and prayer…he will have to bear all the stings and shards that this storm hurls at him…he might feel as if, he’s breathing in needles….and his flesh is fried to a cinder…..he may even wonder whether this is worth it…or that maybe it’s best to just stop and stay in one place.

    But if he keeps putting one feet in front of another and by some miracle he makes it out of this metaphorical storm – then it could be said the things that he cannot change would have changed him. As he would be a very different man from the one who walked into that storm…

    That’s really how I see life – as a series of storms…one where a man walks into one….only to step out of it and for a while, there may even be a long peace…only for him to gather his courage and prepare to walk into yet another storm again….’

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