What has the parable of the insecure landowner have to do with Cherian George moving to HK?

May 14, 2014

Once upon a time there lived the world’s most insecure and petty landowner. This arrogant chap liked to boast to whoever cared to listen that he ran the best plantation in the whole district. Whenever anyone challenged or disputed his claim, the arrogant landowner would get his lackeys to fix them nice and prer by driving them out of town.

Soon the arrogant landowner was surrounded only by yes men who were only interested in lining their pockets – these parvenus were more than happy to feed the arrogant landowner only happy lies and they even went as far as to embellish the facts and figures to make the plantation look like the best managed plantation in the world.

In reality the plantation was a mess – the farmhands were close to rebelling due to gross neglect. Moral was low and cynicism had taken hold of the community – and since many of the capable men who knew how to farm had been forced to leave the district, only the foolish were in charge and they ran the plantation to the ground.

One day a farmer who had once been driven out of the district for daring to speak out against the foolish ways of the arrogant landowner returned back to the kampung. At first he ran a small plantation, but since this man was forced to cross the infinity of the great seas and had planted in all sorts of crops, he brought with him uncommon wisdom that could only lead him to prosper and grow from strength to strength. And with the passing of every season as the arrogant landowner lost more money, support, influence and lands – the wise farmers influence grew and his estate enlarged, till one day the arrogant landowner simply disappeared like a piece of shit left to sun….poof!


‘There is a mythical line that all serious men know of…it is an unspoken rule…the question is whether you know of it or not…that is all…and it is the principle of fair play and sportsmanship…that is to say if you want to fix a man, then give him the benefit of a level playing field. As even should you fix him right and proper in this way, your peers will never think less of you. They may not necessarily agree with you or share your position. But as men who subscribe to this code, they will simply say, you did what you had to do and you did it in a right way.

But if you can do is scurry around like some cheap pirate and start cutting holes with a saw beneath your opponents and resorting to cloak and dagger methods like some vindictive woman or some cartoon character, then even should you manage to fix him nice and proper. You will find that the serious men of this world will simply say you are a light weight and they will never be seen with you or those who are allied to you – you will be an outcast – they will send you to Coventry – you will be an effrontery – as you are a bad role model and a dishonourable man…an inferior man….a half man…..nothing more than a cheap pirate who will probably never amount to much in life….not in the fraternity of the serious men at least.

If your father, mother, pastor or role model in life did not teach you this. You know this now from me. I’ll be honest. I’ve had to frequently fix people, that’s part and parcel of business in the plantation life. I wish it were otherwise, but it is what it is – but even then, I drawn the line on scurrying around like a cheap rat to cut a man down to size. As even if you manage to win that way, you would have already lost it all. He has won by default! As your methods are unsound!’

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