What struggling PMETs in Singapore can learn from the wisdom of El Nino

May 16, 2014

El Nino does not necessary mean the end of the good times. Not at all.

Will the temperature rise dramatically? Yes of course, it will be hotter I expect. We might even get only half the rainfall for the rest of 2014 and for the whole of 2015. Will yield drop? Of course….but El Nino is certainly not an unknown quantity. Not at all!

The world has witnessed this weather phenomenon before…and there already exist many proven ways to augment the shortage of rain along with rise in temperature to still deliver a respectable yield. Added to this the general drop in palm oil yield through out the Indonesian and Malaysia archipelago will see the price of crude palm rising as much as 25% to possibly 50% of it’s current value – the global demand for palm oil is after all insatiable.

So as you can see there is plenty of opportunity even amid the prevailing mood of doom and gloom. As the adage goes, when the shit hits the fan….this may be bad for most people except perhaps those who sell cleaning products and mops.

It’s best to get into the cleaning business I reckon….


‘To me when governments decide to opt for a terminally indifferent attitude towards the plight of their citizens – then it cannot be so different from falling out of love…and to my mind, that cannot be so different from a relationship that suddenly finds itself evacuated of all love and affection.

You will know when there is no longer any love as the other side doesn’t even bother to pick up your calls. They’re always busy. You can even call one million times, but all you will get is a robot voice on the other side along with feel frustrated and angry…as it is not so different from shouting at a wall and expecting a reply – that is because the other side just doesn’t care enough to love you any longer….their priorities have changed…they have made a decision – you are now expandable, like a piece of used tissue paper and they have probably made a decision to end the relationship by commiting themselves not to care any longer.. that is the long and short of it. In the beginning – you may ask yourself – what happened? What did I do wrong? Could I have done anything differently?

But at some point even the most optimistic man must face reality and say to himself – it is…what it is….and simply move on. This takes courage, fortitude and character. Either that or this man could elect to stay where he is and just curl up and die. Unfortunately many men do this – they beat themselves up by wallowing in self pity and soon they take to the bottle and since all they seem to be able to do is to adopt a militant refusal to accept the situation for what it is and move on…many just die tiny slices of death everyday till all of life seeps right out of them leaving perhaps only a hollow shell of a man. This is how a man can unravel into nothingness and it can happen to even the very best of us!

My point is – IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS! There is another way!

But should you decide to move on with the whole business of life – then you should be hopeful….hopeful that you will find someone who really cares enough about you to pick up your calls….hopeful that you may even be able to discover someone out there who loves you as much as you love them….hopeful that it will all work out right and be even better than how it turned out the last time….and that is really what life is all about.

One set back…one storm….one fall doesn’t have to mean the end of everything – not at all – I don’t doubt, at first it may look and even feel like a crisis….but as you sit back and watch it long enough with a cool head. You will see it for what it is….opportunity!….the metaphor is really like the looming El Nino, it may look mucho scary and it may even mean many people will be driven out of business….but when one sits down and look at this whole business with a cool head, then opportunity will surface like gold dust when muddied water has settled….as plenty of people will get rich from El Nino.. don’t tell me that can’t happen, because if crude palm oil is trading at $700 per ton due to acute scarcity of crops brought forth by freak weather, then it doesn’t take a genius to figure out, the man who can still deliver the crops when others can’t stands to conquer El Derado….to me it’s just like going to the Ukraine now to start an enterprise when every travel advisory recommends you not to do so – as while it may appear dangerous, there will always be plenty of opportunities in a crisis….as when everything is up in the air, then you can just as well make it all up as you go along – to me a crisis is never the end! It’s just the beginning…. like what has happened to Cherian George. He may not know this right now. But five or ten years from now, he’s going to return home to Singapore and wonder to himself why all that the people who once cast him into the wilderness can only seem to come up with is a hilarious video where everyone is impersonating R2D2.

Do you realize, I don’t even do this…cannot afford too…and my videos only go out to just less than a handful of key people. So just because a couple of brain damaged idiots say, ‘Jia You!’ Doesn’t alter the reality, these folk will just be where they are today, tomorrow and probably in the next ten or twenty years…good luck to them lah! is all I have to say! That is why when you face a crisis, NEVER allow it to overwhelm you! Don’t be afraid…as sometimes the things that you cannot change will end up changing you…that’s the take away from all this – that is why you have to be hopeful and learn to walk away without ever once looking back at the pains and disappointments of your past life….better still forget it…that chapter is over and done with…it’s history.

Like I have always said, you cannot but feel pain at times when things don’t go the way you planned it to go…that’s given…even for me…but suffering will always optional….always…because you are hopeful!’

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