Farewell Ping Piang

May 20, 2014

Not long after she was born. I called her Ping Piang. As you don’t really need to look very hard for her. All that you need to do is follow your ears. As since Ping Piang likes to play with the many stainless steel dogs bowls – she’s always to be found where Ping Piang noises are made.

Last night at three. Ping Piang was found in a pool of blood just outside the gates. From the looks of it, she fought with three monitor lizards. Killed two, but the odds were stacked against her…the last one must have killed her – this morning at 5.20 am Ping Piang succumbed to her injuries and died.

Ping Piang was six months, two weeks and three days old. I will miss her terribly….as the house now is so quiet. I never knew noise could sound so beautiful…Ping Piang. I buried her with her favorite toy…a rattler.

When one of my dogs die in this way. It always makes me very sad. As I live smack in the middle of nowhere deep in a jungle where my nearest neighbors are miles away…..my dogs, they are much more than just casual pets…we are a family.

Travel well Ping Piang

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