What was once an improbability must seem now to be a real possibility. I have a feeling many complacent people will find it very difficult to sleep restfully from now onwards…..as they ponder their next move….especially those who only see the world in terms of an endless field of nails.

Now their world has jumped momentarily…it may just be an imperceptible feeling I imagine, like a mild tremor…hardly noticeable….but that is only to be expected before the real shake up starts.

Hold on tight….


Kee Kee my tanned Doberman puppy has just turned 6 months old. He has turned out to be a very small dog….hardly the impressive and warrior like Doberman cut of his siblings.

Many people think dogs are stupid animals. But that is only because they don’t spend as much time with animals like me – I do and I can tell you, they can have the same breadth and range of feelings as humans.

One evening when I saw Kee Kee looking enviously at Big Foot and Turbo as they ran around in the garden – he turned to me and asked, ‘father why am I so small…why am I not big and muscular like my brothers and sisters?’

I told Kee Kee in the language of farmers to dogs – you are perfect to me and that is all that matters…..and that is it. All other considerations are immaterial.


‘In life, if the person who loves you sees you as beautiful even when you feel that you’re ugly, then a rare sort of magic is at work and soon you are suddenly rendered beautiful and every is complete…..as for other people…they are optional…this is life…real life….not the bullshit sort….but the real sort of love.’