Sowing the seeds of discord amongst my business adversaries – Part 2

July 1, 2014

To secure a decisive victory, it is not nearly enough to win the battle of the hearts and minds in the kampung by sowing the seeds of mistrust and enmity between the villagers and my business adversaries. This at best is only 50%.

The other remaining 50% that completes the strategy is to leverage on the existing power and politics of the ruling hegemony who make up the movers and shakers in the palm oil world. To accomplish this I need to circulate amongst the well heeled toffee noses in the city. This cannot be accomplish in the kampung.

This is something that all my business adversaries cannot do. As since most of them have 50% body fat instead of my lithe 5% super duper fit Olympiad frame and they all belong to the Chinaman ‘Yam Seng’ stock. They can never gain access to the frivolous floating world of the very rich and wealthy whose only purpose for living (to me, at least) is to prove that the singular purpose of all culture is to decay through over-civilisation.

In this cloistered world of endless processions of luncheons in well manicured lawns and perpetual wine and dine well past beyond midnight…..power resides not in men, but in women. Curious. But worth mentioning nonetheless.

Women who have all never ever set foot in a plantation before simply because they can always hire the help to do so. Theirs is a world of perpetual fantasia laced with trivia pursuits, gossip and tete de tete….but it is here that I will recruit the allies to destroy my business adversaries.

But to do this….I need to get into the grove….I need to be able to make the ladies laugh….above all I need them to like enough to stick their necks out for me. That shouldn’t be too hard to do.

To the city then….into the decadent pit of the very rich whose world I abhor.

The things that I am prepared to do to secure my future. At times my zeal even surprises me no end.

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