Is Mini Lee the right person to lead Singapore?

July 4, 2014

Someone dropped me a mail informing me, there is a gathering in Hong Lim Park to debate whether ‘our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the right person to lead Singapore?’

I told this person along with twenty others in the forum, they needn’t waste their hard earned Saturday trying to make heads or tails out this moot point. As one can easily answer this question by asking….has your quality of life improved under his watch? How confident are you about your future? Do you believe Singapore still offers the same opportunities for your kids that you once enjoyed?

I mean if the answer is yes…carry on with what you’re doing. But if it’s no. Then the best thing to do is to devote one’s energy to turning the wheel of life elsewhere….to me it’s really that simple. After all what’s the point of harping on and on like a broken record about the same issues and gripes that we all already know by heart. Besides most of blogoland have been at it for a whole decade and do you see anything changing?

This should prompt the perceptive reader to ask, how smart is it to keep at a thing only to get the same results all the time. I am not saying one shouldn’t try when one fails, but all means do so – but if after failing and trying ten million times and the result is still the same without even one percentile variation – then to keep at it IMHO just happens to be the very definition of insanity. As I can argue you could just as well invest all that negative energy to some worthy endeavor like growing an enterprise to better your lot.

That’s what smart people would do. They would cut their losses and get on their bike. It’s nothing personal…strictly business.


‘For me if I don’t believe or understand something. Then usually I don’t want to be part of it. That’s why I don’t ever read the Strait Times or listen to politicians who keep on saying one thing only for me to perceive another. Coming to think of it, I don’t even want to deal with Potemkin sites like the Singaporedaily. If you’re wondering why none of my articles are ever aggregated by them – it’s because they are not given the permission to do so. It’s very simple. Now coming to work. If you tell me that I should work beyond my contractual eight hours even though I have finished all my task and if I don’t stay on like the rest of the zombies. Then I will be marked down in my next performance appraisal.

I would probably go and start my own enterprise. Because if I stay on…my brain will hurt.

There you have it – it’s finally out now. The naked truth. My kryptonite .Actually, this is quite an embarrassing revelation.

There was this time when I was a salaried man in Singapore and that was exactly how I felt. My brain would hurt. Whenever I felt this way. I would go to the polyclinic and tell the physician that my brain hurts as my boss wants me to stay back like the others and I needed a MC.

When I told the doctor this. She kept insisting there was nothing wrong with me. According to her it was all happening in my mind. Although she gave me a MC, she made me promise never to tell anyone that it was on the account of my brain hurting. She would only say, it’s for your own good. As if you go around telling people this. They will put you away for a very long time. From time to time, she would call me to ask whether my brain felt better. I told her only when my boss doesn’t insist that I stay back after five. And this made her so angry on one occasion she made it a point to meet me in Safra in the gym where she demanded to know where exactly did my brain hurt? I told her I couldn’t pin point the pain exactly and this frustrated her even more. That was when she sat me down in Long John Silver over a combo meal and began explaining with the help of medical literature. That no such malady existed. but I continued to insist my brain hurts and there is nothing I can do about it.

Eventually we spent more time together. Where our relationship could be defined in terms of how she always insisted – I was making it all up in my head to game the system and I for my part denying it vehemently. Eventually she got around to asking me what I really wanted to do with my life. I told her I wanted to be a farmer and I added that if I could just pull that off then my brain will never ever hurt again. She rolled her eyes and told me that I could be delusional. I insisted there was nothing delusional about it – as whenever I sit in the park and watch the birds as I often do. My brain never ever hurts. She wanted me to prove it. So after that day, we spent a lot of time in the park together. So much time that she even ran out of recipes for sandwiches and even bought a tan picnic basket from Isetan. She wasn’t fond of it at first, but that’s how it usually is in the beginning with nature…when one doesn’t really get to know her intimately…eventually when she got into the flow she must have found it immensely calming, relaxing and even theurepeutic. As that was where we only met – parks. Usually I would just tell her stories of where I believe the winds came from or I would point this tree or bird from that – one day when we were just lying on the grass in East Coast park – she confided to me that her brain was starting to hurt as well and usually this would occur whenever she’s forced to fill in last minute for another physician which usually required her to work a twelve hour shift. All I could when she told me this – was to ask her, where does it hurt specifically. To which she would only say, all over her head though she couldn’t pin point the source exactly. I told her I have it under the best authority – no such ailment existed in the body of knowledge known as the medical compendium and advised her to just fabricate a story that she had a fever or period cramps if she didn’t want to put in a twelve hour shift. When she asked why. I just told her it was for her own good and if she went around spouting such nonsense in Singapore….people will just put her away for good.’

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