When bad communication is used to cover up lousy policies

July 13, 2014

This hardly requires any elaboration these days in Singapore. It’s really horses for courses. As not a week goes by when we r all expected to suspend disbelief all in the name of bad communication…out of context…bad reportage Yama yada be it ministers, bureaucrats or civil servants – and this should prompt us all to ask, what does it really mean when a person or institution claims that so and so could have been communicated better? Well if you ask me what they’re really trying to convey is the decision is fundamentally sound in principle, but since you don’t nearly have the IQ to understand it, we should have taken the trouble to break it down into baby soundbites – to put it another way, it’s really your fault!

For me personally whenever I come across people who use that sort of lame excuse – I just know instinctively they’re trying to cover up for lousy decision making and pariah dog low performance.

Experience reliably informs me how decisions r communicated is often more important than the decision itself – that’s understandable as since those decisions intrude into people’s sense of security and control. When surprised, most people even those who are perfectly reasonable and don’t regularly make bombs in their basement often feel an acute sense of being sidelined – perfectly natural – However, if decision makers let users know a decision is underway and give them reason to believe that their needs and anxieties are being heard and understood – usually they will accept even bad decisions with fewer ruffled feathers and complaints.


‘If it’s really bad communication…then it’s badly communicated and I am by and large fine with that. To my mind any reasonable person shouldn’t have any problems making allowances for bona fide bad communication – simply because it happens!

The problem as I see it is when ill conceived policies which are capable of having far reaching and all pervasive effects are surreptiously implemented with the intention of circumventing the due process of communicating the rationale to users. Now when that happens then the defense of bad communication is really just a cheap ‘get out to jail’ card to cover up for bad decision making along with exonerating everyone who willfully tried to abuse the system at the expense of users – and that to me is not only down right irresponsible, but since the nature of these actions also constitute a clear violation of a duty of care owed by the policymaker to the users. It is by every definition a crime.

Now why am I taking so much time and effort in trying to explain the distinction between a bona fide breakdown in communication and a deliberate attempt to use bad communication as a defense to cover up what I can only describe as a willful attempt to circumvent the due process – because if you don’t cultivate the good life habit of differentiating the two and you remain so bovine and cinchai about the whole matter of setting minimum quality excuse standards that you don’t even perceive a difference between the two beyond just splitting hairs – then I can more or less guarantee you 100% you will end being a very inconsequential person who no one will even bother to treat seriously, let alone bother to respect. Why should they? I wouldn’t respect you! Coming to think of it – you don’t even respect yourself enough to set a minimum criteria when others try to make excuses…so you’re a man with no line! And that in my book simply means you deserve to gamed!

Given enough time…with that sort of shit for brains low quality attitude of managing yourself and others. All sorts of riff raff’s will just come up to you and they will say and do things which they know that even if you catch red handed – all they have to do is just whip out their magic ‘get out of jail’ bad communication or out of context card and that really buys them another three lives to game you one more time. And one day, they will succeed because you were just a lousy goalkeeper of your brain!

But if you cultivate a zero tolerance personal culture against that sort of nonsense – then almost immediately, these hucksters, charlatans, second hand car salesmen and these very lazy people will just automatically avoid all contact with you. Poof! They’re gone lah!

They wouldn’t even dare to spout their nonsense. Because the line is very clear .As they will know instinctively, if they do so, they may very suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves swimming in shark infested waters….very dark and dangerous waters – they will. Trust me, that’s the only way to deal with bengkok people in my experience. Zero tolerance. Because when you manage yourself and others in that way – you can only come across as a serious man and these riff raff’s will eventually come to realization, there’s no gaming you 24/7- as you are a man who has done your homework by bothering with the knowing and you know a thing for what it is and not what others say it is. You know it. So no one can game you. They wouldn’t even dare to try – the risk if you catch them out simply doesn’t commensurate with the payouts.

Take my advise. If you don’t know this. Or you feel whether Germany or Argentina wins the World Cup is more important or that after reading this – it’s just sounds like some happy soundbite in Reader’s digest. Then take my advise don’t ever go into business. Stay salaried. All your working life is possible. It will just much safer for you.

Because men like me will have absolutely no hesitation in gaming the shit out of you! None whatsoever!’

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