You are the CEO of the corporation that you are – the individual

July 13, 2014

Today I told a man that he was nothing more than a monkey trained to pick coconuts. I understand if some of you may think that I was rude and even harsh. But the reason why I felt compelled to tell this man this was because I believe he has been selling himself short all of his life. As he has invested so much of who he is and would be in the crumbly idea that the faceless corporation is him and he is somehow the very living personification of the firm – that all prospects of him developing his real intrinsic self has more or less being neglected….left to rot….what a criminal waste – result: a hollow man who cannot even stand on the merit of his own two feet without the crutches of his company…..his job….the very source that gives his life meaning, purpose and probably the reason to fuck his wife twice a week.

I told this man in a very serious tone like rolling thunder – that he was not his company and though he may have marinated all himself in that silly notion to such an extent as to somehow convince one part of his mind that he and his company were some how one of the same reality – all that he has managed to do in his whole miserable existence in this planet is to create an intricate illusion to feed his want for a sense of belonging, purpose and destiny – to put it another way, the sum of his life was nothing more than a grand lie. His life was a lie! A facsimile of what was meant to be.

He left huffing and puffing – this man does not know. Not just yet. No…this is the slow burn I reckon – it always is when one decides to cross the line and go beyond the flesh, bone and into the mind of another. You see unbeknown to this simpleton – I have planted a thought in his head. Tomorrow Monday will come and it will I imagine be just be another day for the rest of the monkeys trained to pick their quota of coconuts…it always is.

But it will be very different for this one monkey I reckon – yes….as now his job and how he might even fit into the grande scheme of life has now become a thinking thing – he will try of course to push the idea of our conversation out of his mind by dedicating all of himself to work – he will, but he can never erase the idea that I have planted in his mind – there will always be a residual…a faint of watermark that will have the power of disturb…to provoke…to gnaw deep at him like a rat burrowing thru him to make itself itself – he will struggle. He will. He may even try to reason his way out of this labyrinth – but all the while his doubts…fears…anxieties will begin to nourish that seed in his mind and it will germinate and with it a multitude of doubts will follow….yes, I reckon when he puts himself to do what he has always done – he will fuck it up – this man will ask himself at first why? He will try again and again he will fuck it all up again.

Those who do not know how a man can suddenly wake up from a long slumber may perhaps say – Darkness you have disable a model worker! But how wrong you are – as very soon the very morsel of an idea will begin to germinate in the mind of this monkey. No it will not happen immoderately, but it will come to past.

The very idea that he doesn’t need a corporation or for that matter a job to even validate his miserable existence on this planet as human being – and very soon the grander idea will begin to appear before this monkey like an unfurling aspiration – till it becomes real – so real – that he the monkey will die and in its wake the man who he was always meant to be will emerge – and with it, the realization that he is his own corporation and that he is none other than the CEO.

No I did not disable this man…..I broke his chains and now he is free….he is now a thinking being. Hardly a monkey….I look forward to our next meeting…I really do.


‘All of us have seen it before. If you haven’t. You will. I can almost guarantee it 100% with Mini Lee and his crew running the show. Salaried men who suddenly lose their jobs only to find themselves standing with a bag wearing a baffled look as they stand at the crossroads of life in no man’s land – at first they tell themselves – I will get by driving a taxi. Or maybe I will sell insurance. Give tuition.

And like all sobriquet lies the defeated tell themselves – they sweeten it just enough by convincing themselves it’s ‘temporary’ ’till something better comes along’ as it’s only a matter of time before something better comes along.

Soon they’re in the gyre of in and out. The daily grind – I bet they even dream of being stuck in traffic jams. Meanwhile job that they were hoping for gets fainter and fainter till the only thing that seems to get sharper and clearer is long endless road before them – and all the while without them quite realizing it, their self esteem and confidence slowly gives itself off to the atmosphere…bit by bit like a ball of camphor they’re all reduced…till only a shell of man exist.

Yes…a sort of man that you can even give a good hard kick in the balls and he would just look at you as if he deserves another kick. No….I don’t imagine most people know how it’s like to see a man die from within…to shrivel up and just be taken like dust by the wind.

You want to know why? The answer is very simple. They trusted everyone except themselves. They never once saw themselves as their own brand…their own corporation….where they are the CEO. They left it all to some man who they saw on TV. They put all their hopes and aspirations on the idea, the future is bright.

But what happens to the man who trusted only in the idea of himself – if such a man got retrenched I reckon it would just bounce off him like a pea striking sloped armor – it wouldn’t even leave so much as a dent. He would just take a long look at the system and after thinking thru it – he would just fuck it off in one straight line like knocking down a row of bowling pins.

You know why, this man never ever once regarded his job as anything else but a means to an end. As for politicians and what they have to say and offer – it’s all optional! – that is really the long and short of it. The end.

So when he lost his job everything that is him – his identity, raison and entire composition of being remained intact. He did not disintegrate and malfunction like the others – as for why he lost his job, that is a matter of profound indifference to this this man – for whatever reason is equally obiter as well. May have been he was just grist to the mill of globalization…maybe runaway immigration did him in…influx of foreigners or just indifferent politicians hell bent on growing the economy. I dunno. But my point is to this man, these external conditions are truly irrelevant…..why?because he invested in the right things. He never once built his character on the illusion of his job or for that matter where he was once educated…to this man, he was truly his own…before, during and after.

I consider myself very lucky as I’ve had always had good role models to guide me thru out my life. Leaders who know the value of things and most importantly men who one can very easy take too and respect without too much difficulty. And I have always notice one thing about these men – they are all first and foremost great CEO’s of themselves…the person. That’s to say they may sit as directors in a string of prestigious companies. But they don’t derive their strengths and personal branding from these symbols of success. Rather their branding as a person in terms of what they have to offer emanates from who they are as a corporation.

I mean it doesn’t really matter what you do for a living – you could be a taxi driver, ISD officer, policeman, bank clerk, dentist, call girl, dog shooter, cobbler, food court manager, minister, scholar, cookie cutter, street busker or whatever. My point is when you put yourself and what you have to offer before the marque of where you were educated or who you work for and how much you may take home in one given month – then your job suddenly becomes a thinking thing. A new strategic dimension opens up along with the field of possibilities begins to unfurl and this is precisely what I am trying so hard to convey – the very idea that you are first and foremost the penultimate corporation and whatever else comes after.’

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