Blown right out of the sky

July 22, 2014

Today a giant eagle who has always shadowed me ever since I came here was blown right out of the skies by a weekend warrior city hunter who trespassed my lands.

I have always known him only as Boonyi – this is the first time we have really met. But as I operated on Boonyi for nearly three hours removing 12 balls of bird shot – it seemed as if we have known each other for years.

I have always had a psychic relationship with animals ever since the moment of my youth – animals feel at ease with me. As I do with them. In my youth, the other boys in my neighbourhood feared me as they did not understand – so they called me all sorts of names. But this did not diminish my love for animals. I have many such friends in my plantation who regularly terrorize intruders, such as Sammy, the giant boa constrictor to Tobby the 120 kg tank hog and ten other such creatures ranging from the likes of Boonyi to the giant monitor lizard, Willy – they are all my comrades and we all live deep in the jungle like one big happy family. So naturally I am very protective of my tribe.

Boonyi will be staying with me for a while – his shoulder blade is broken in three places – and although I have splint it and surgically remove all the birdshot and stitched him up. I really don’t think the majestic bird of prey with the 15 foot wing span will be flying for the next three to four weeks. Since he doesn’t get along with the dogs – I have put Boonyi in a make shift nest in the kitchen and trap rats and snakes to feed him.

After this I need to find out the identity of this trespaser who shot down Boonyi in the name of fun – I can take many transgressions, but I cannot and will not tolerate wanton and indiscriminate taking of wild life on my watch in my lands in the name of fucking fun.

Maybe I should hunt this fellow down…maybe when he feels the heat of my crosshairs this fuck will realise it doesn’t pay to cross a man who loves his friends. I told this fuck – how do you like it, if I shot your mommy in the name of fun – he and his plastic city friends looked at me like a deranged man and they all ran away. Fortunately the world is round – I will find him and he will pay dearly for hurting Boonyi, the majestic bird of prey.

I am very angry now…so very angry. I tell myself I need to remain very still and not move or do anything just yet. As I don’t want to live an evil life any longer. I genuinely want to be good. But it is so hard to even do that simple thing it seems in a world that is so cruel.

The stupidity! The callousness. This I cannot and will not forgive.


The question in my mind is whether this catastrophic loss of life was foreseeable. That gentlemen is the only question on the table – was it foreseeable.

To say the ROUTE and ALTITUDE taken by the ill fated carrier (and SIA along with many other Asian carriers) was safe just because both the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and International Air Transport Association (IATA), says so – to me is like putting one’s faith and fate in the crumbly notion – they know best.

Tell gentlemen…am I supposed to believe this is our attitude towards threats – they know best. Yes, I thought not.

But even if there was such a directive issued by ICAO and IATA – this shouldn’t preclude a carrier from conducting their own risk and threat assessment to fulfill their duty of care to passengers. Do you for instance see El Al putting their hands up like children and asking the bubble wrapped zero situational awareness folks in ICAO and IATA whether they can have permission to retrofit an anti missile countermeasure pod in their fleet of commercial jetliners. No. They do just do it. As Mossad considers it a clear and present danger that deserves some form of threat mitigation. To put it another way, the decision makers are professionals who are in the business of scaling threats and have the requisite core competence in interdicting threats and not a committee of switch off pencil pushers who are just interested in charting the most expedient and economic route.

This gentlemen is the gold standard!

Then again some people will say, ‘Oh, darkness you cannot compare. They are different lah – as they have to regularly fly over war zones.’

And this should prompt reasonably intelligently people to ask – what is happening now in the Ukraine. IT IS A WAR ZONE! This could probably supply an explanation why some carriers perceived the wisdom of going ‘the other way’ by charting their own way points such as Korea’s two main airlines, Korean Air and Asiana, as well as Australia’s Qantas and Taiwan’s China Airlines as early as the beginning of March when Russian troops moved into Crimea. It could also explain why pot luck and not métier played such a preponderant role in the stellar fortunes of ‘a thriving and viable airline’ as well!

One more time please gentlemen….is this foreseeable?

Let us now move away from this to another subject. The Crimea is not just any theater of war to Russia – it is none other than what Hawaii and Gibraltar is to the US and UK. It is a strategic! People who do not know this probably have no idea why Putin considers war as just a continuation of politics by other means. Or why Russia has very little choice but to pour men and materiel not to mention mercenaries along with black operators into this war zone to secure their geo political primacy in the Balkans.

But let us not be so quick to put the blame on Putin – after all, in this same theater of war there may also exist – the clandestine services such as the CIA, MI5 et al – who already have all their accoutrements of spy satellites, listening post trained on that real estate like an electron microscope along with their network of field agents didn’t even bother to relay the one vital intelligence concerning the recent consignment of surface to air capabilities to the pro Russia militia which would have rubbished ICAO and IATA stipulation that it is safe to fly at 33,000 ft – along with possibly avert this tragic loss of life.

In short the western intelligence services just allowed everyone to assume ‘they’ didn’t have the technology to down a plane at that stratospheric altitude. It’s even conceivable that they knew this tragedy would unfold in the way it did and by what I can only term willful omission allowed it to transpire very much in the way a negligent school teacher walks away while kids are juggling live hand grenades!

And this should prompt the intelligent to ask – why would the Western powers allow this tragedy to happen? What might they possibly gain from all this.

After all is it so far fetched when one considers – what would happen when you give nifty toys to a bunch of militia who have neither the training, professionalism or processing power to comprehend the broader consequences of their actions beyond just fire and forget.

Yes, I can understand the angst of not only the Malaysians, but the Dutch and even everyone who believes this to be infamy that even goes beyond the limits of what that word may imply beyond its dictionary meaning. I do. Only gentlemen I am not so sure it wasn’t engineered deliberately by malevolent forces to prosecute on their hidden agenda.

Yes any range of feelings can be engineered – just as the sinking of the Lusitania provoked so much public outrage that precipitated US involvement in WW2 and much later the downing of the korean airliner over Kamchatka heighten the Cold War allowing Reagan to launch his mad cap missile program to combat the evil empire aptly named ‘star wars.’ I have a feeling that once again, the world and everyone in it will demand blood once again….only I don’t want to be part of this. No I don’t. As I see it very all so very clearly…the before, during and after.

I am just very sad.’

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