Striving to live in the present and not the past or future

July 24, 2014

This requires considerable dedication, single mindedness and effort. To say it is easy – is to insult your intelligence. It is not easy. As unbeknown to all of us. When we live, work and play in a competitive world. We have already been scripted to be subconsciously ashamed of enjoying ourselves and living carefree. There are plenty of reminders in society to suggest free spirits who adopt such an attitude in a dog eat dog competitive environment are usually labelled as failures, untrustworthy and unreliable.

But what happens when we decide not to vigorously pursue happiness and leave it all to providence. This is where all our problems begin. We start to trust our scripted minds. By trying to learn new things to make us feel happier and have more control over our life’s. Instead of UNLEARNING many of the false teachings that continue to sabotage and hold us back.

A mind that is not seriously committed to pursuing happiness will naturally turn against itself. As a failing common to the human mind is its natural tendency to dwell on what once transpired in the PAST and what might happen in the FUTURE.

As a result it is not unusual for many of us to have one foot in the PAST or FUTURE while the PRESENT just goes right by without us ever appreciating the moment of what it is – a beautiful life.


‘To live well. We first need to prepare our mind to enable us to enjoy what life has to offer.

Contrary to what many people say. Nothing new needs to be learnt. As much as learning to UNLEARN many of the nonsense that has managed to encrust themselves in our thinking.

Why is UNLEARNING so jugular? Because many a time, when we speak about being serious about enjoying life – it’s not unusual for many of us to feel slightly uncomfortable and even guilty? It’s as though, a part of us believes we are unworthy of happiness and don’t deserve it or that it’s not even our elemental right to prosecute on it earnestly.

That’s because many of us have been scripted since our youth to believe its somehow wrong…selfish and perhaps even narcissistic to enjoy our life. The young are constantly rebuked as spoilt and lazy when all they ask for is work life balance. Retirement is frowned up. As politicians would rather have people die standing while at work. Take your pick. It’s all around you. Everyone is out to tell you to work harder, if you don’t want others to steal your lunch. All of these seeds of FEAR adds up and shapes our attitudes. Some of us may not even be consciously aware of how we so often sabotage our sense of enjoyment and fulfillment by constantly succumbing to our over powering feelings of guilt and unworthiness.

But once we make an effort to be mindful of our thoughts. Then we can begin to take control and proceed to disentangle ourselves from these feelings of guilt that hold us back and start enjoying life seriously. When we do this – suddenly a whole world begins to open up right before us and we will begin to truly live.

Yesterday when I took Boonyi, the giant eagle to the zoo to be cared for. Everyone was very excited. Since no one had ever seen a giant eagle that close before – they were all very animated and falling over themselves. But since they were all making a racket and moving around the poor bird like a tornado.

Soon the giant bird of prey became nervous and began to spread its fifteen foot wings, narrow it’s eyes, tighten his talons and started shrieking.

When this happened everyone stepped back in sheer terror, some exclaimed, ‘monster! As for the vet a very excitable spinster who has a habit of knocking over furniture, breaking cups and speaking like a train whenever I see her – she started to cringe in fear. She told me in a stammered voice that since the eagle was so fierce, she did not have the confidence to perform. As past experience informs her it would be difficult for her to administer treatment to such a temperamental creature.

I smiled and took this nervous lady by the hand and placed it ever so gently over Boonyi – while I recounted to her a child’s tale in a calm and sonorous tone – how Hanuman, the monkey God had once summoned the Boeing 747 of the ancient world – the mythical giant bird called Garuda and plucked the pretty princess Parvanti from the clutches of the evil dark prince who had spirited her to the fortress island of Lanka – soon the vet slipped into this calm hermetically sealed bubble – and started stroking the majestic bird of prey all by herself and a serene expression began to sweep all over her once strained and troubled face. Gone was her nervous disposition and very slowly time began to crawl to a still. She was in the very moment of space and time….the present, enjoying the majestic beauty of the great bird of prey without the slightest care for the past or present….all that really mattered to her was now.

I realized then all will be fine for Boonyi….and the vet. That day she did not break any teacups or bang into furniture.’

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