The girl who asked the hermit about the scary lonely world.

October 28, 2014

During the afternoon while walking the dog. The girl who wandered my lands the other day appeared before me again asking this time – why are you not afraid to live in that big house on the hill all by yourself? Tell me, don’t you feel lonely and scared? What if something happens? There is no one to even hear you scream? Is it true what the villagers gossip about you – that you cannot grow old and that you can transform yourself into an eagle and a big dog as you are not a man….as you are from that other world. She went on to ask pleadingly – please tell me….I need to know.

Before the girl could blurt out more nonsense. I put my finger to my lips and motioned her to come and sit beside me. I could tell she was not accustomed to remaining still and quiet. As she shifted often and bore the enquiring look of a girl who had so many questions. So I pointed to the sky…the birds were flying high above us. And just when she wanted to say something…I said shsss and this time I pointed to the gentle swaying palms.

After a very long period of remaining still and silent. The girl began to sob and then she turned to me and said,

‘I am so happy you are not alone….the trees and the birds. They are so talkative.’


‘There is a world of difference between loneliness and solitude. Loneliness is a state of anxiety and suffering. While solitude is the art of enjoying what loneliness can offer to nourish the human spirit.

People who fear loneliness are usually very afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all.

They will do anything and everything just to stay connected to stave off that awful feeling of loneliness which they loath. I even once knew a man who bought a robot dog to keep him company as he suffered from a morbid fear of loneliness.

Others prefer take comfort in the crutch belief – the greatest thing in this world is to love and be loved in return – that is well and fine! If only they weren’t screaming so loud, in a round about sort of way – I don’t ever want to be alone in this scary world!

This is natural, this fear of being alone. We’ve all felt it at one time or another.

And this fear is the cause of our misery: as many of us will be prepared to do anything and everything to avoid this self constructed morbid fear of being alone, we socialize endlessly – thru our social networks and email to stay connected to keep loneliness faraway from us. At times even imperiling ourselves by networking with psychopaths and manipulators.

To avoid being alone, some desperate souls are even prepared to pair up with toxic people who can only make them feel like shit and suicidal most of the time.

But if these confused people just stilled their minds for one moment and switched off all their electronic devices and just allowed that scary feeling of loneliness to sink deep into their soul – to sink deeper and deeper, till the emerge out from the other side into light – they will soon realize, loneliness is not a thing to be feared. Rather it is something that one should strive to understand and even harness like the power of the wind or fire.

As it is only thru the thoughtful appreciation of loneliness can a man discover the greatest thing in this world – how to belong to himself and no one else – this is the defining difference between the man of consequence and the hollow man – this is what makes the thinker all powerful and separates him from the empty vessel – only then can one receive and give love perfectly. Only then can one develop wisdom….to see the scary lonely desolate world as a very beautiful place that he will always strive to be in. A rare place….a calm place of deep reflection…..called solitude.’

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