There are no mad men….only men who we choose not to understand

October 30, 2014

Business to me is war. It is never a play play thing. Rather it will always be a very serious enterprise that will always demand the highest level of personal discipline, cerebral fitness and daring.

If you do not have this discipline – one can never do what I do.

In one chapter of the art of war – the use of spies is vital to secure good intelligence to effectively interdict threats along with setting achievable goals.

Till now I have always been able to keep two or three steps ahead of my enemies despite my pocket battleship size.

As since I have cultivated an extensive network of pineapple eyed spies in the kampung that is comparable to the entire clandestine apparatus of the CIA and Mossad and possibly M15 and M16.

It just means even if my business rivals outnumber me. Or they have the benefit of vast reserves at their disposal.

All these advantages can never be fashioned into a wonder weapon to drive me into bankruptcy.

As since I know well before hand what is going to happen even before it occurs….I am always prepared….there are no surprises….only what needs to be done.


‘Generally, I do not have much respect for people who like to call others mad, weird or crazy. To me, this is just a self incriminating statement and at best a round about way of saying, ‘I don’t have either the intelligence or breath of experience to understand the Tao of this or that person….I am just an ignorant and unimaginative fuck.’

No one is truly ever mad to me….one just needs to still the mind to understand their way. Not even the village dunce is mad to me….not if one takes the trouble to learn how he sees the world along with the peculiar language which he prefers to use to express himself.

They all just need understanding…with this comes respect and true friendship.

The truly mad people in my opinion are those who actually believe they, and only they, see the world clearer than everyone else… such a point where they even automatically rubbish all other opinions, considerations or point of views outside their own make belief world of cushy insiderism.

To me such an attitude has to be a sort of madness on the continental scale of Everest or the Great Barrier Reef – as these mad people actually believe they are so clever that they don’t even mind talking loudly before the man who they all consider mad. As since they all think he is an idiot, it is a matter of profound indifference whether he overhears their evils designs…..not realizing they have sabotaged themselves from the word go!

Now if that is not emperical evidence of madness! Then I don’t know what is.

Now I know ruthless professionals will be planing to raid my lands soon. I even know how many lorries…how many lowlives….along with when and how….I even know who sent them.

They are transparent. Thanks to my gentle and kind hearted friends who speak without speaking….no….they are not mad. They are simply wonderful souls who do not want to see me die. That is very sane. How can it be mad?

I must now return to my batman cave and prepare for war on the full moon with mad people.

Another day at work lah!

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