The art of breathing well

November 5, 2014

I once knew a very unhappy girl who liked to find fault with everyone in the village. One day she walked all the way to the house on the hill in the dead of night. When this girl saw me, she blurted out in a distressed tone, ‘I am sick and tired of everyone in the village calling me an ugly duckling…….I want you to transform me into a beautiful woman…..I know you can do this by just bitting me….as you are devil.’

I looked at this girl who was panting and beet root flustered. As she assumed a limp form and turned her head to one side to offer me a bite at her neck. Though I did not ask, I surmised she had got into a nasty cat fight. Again. Or perhaps someone teased her about her looks. Again.

After offering her a cool drink, the girl asked….is this a magic potion to lessen the pain of the bite. I did not answer her and simply gestured her to breathe properly instead of panting and swallowing her words breathlessly.

I went on to tell this distressed girl, it is very clear to me nothing I have to say will ever change her mind and so she must prepare herself to join the ranks of the undead. But before I could sink my fangs into her. I first needed some assurance. She first needed to purify her blood. As I didn’t want to get blood poisoning. I went on to add – this is not the movies….this one you also dunno meh?

To purify herself. All she had to do was to come here every afternoon for a whole entire week and sit down on this bench and breathe slowly and deeply. Before she left, I gave my word on the seventh day. She would be transformed into a beauty in one bite.

Everyday this girl came. Sat on the bench beneath the shade of a sprawling palm and breathe slowly and deeply….the more she breathe. The less she looked like a shifty eyed scared animal. The less she fidgeted around, shrilled like a witch or threw a tantrum and so gradually she was transformed into the woman who she was meant to be.

On the sixth day. The girl told me after great deliberation. She had changed her mind and no longer wanted me to bite her. She went on to add, after thinking about the matter. She had now reached the irrevocable conclusion, it would be better for her to remain in the land of the living. As her problems now did not seem to big. Besides her outlook in life had since taken a turn for the better and she believes she is already beautiful.

Naturally I feigned disappointment and licked my lips with an air of missed opportunity.

It must be magic….so all the villagers said.

(This is a true story)


“We live today in a very funny world. Where everyone from bent pastors and crooked politicians are trying to sell us the next best thing since sliced bread for a fee.

So twisted is our modern world. If I told you, you would come across as 25% or 50% more attractive providing you are prepared to spend X or Y on this or that beauty treatment. You would probably have very little problem believing me. As we have all been conditioned to believe that nothing ever comes for free.

But if I said to you, all this can come to you for free by just being mindful of how you breathe…….that by just being mindful of this one thing that you regularly perform unthinkingly minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, year by year has the power to transform your life completely…to make you a more attractive person….to keep your mind clear and open, enabling you to think about who you are and what and why you’re doing and thinking the things you do. But primarily, if you are mindful of your breathing and breathe in the right way, you’ll come across as a happier, calmer and more confident person who has a better posture, ability to focus better and enjoys what life has to offer more… would probably never believe me.

That is why, you owe it to yourself to at try this just once….breathe.

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