Hunting down an owl

November 13, 2014

This afternoon I shot an owl that has been flying regularly into my birdhouse and gobbling my birds at night. I am not proud of this kill. As I happen to be very fond of birds….even owls…they are truly magnificent creatures. It was a very cold and calculating business.

I took it out real close, at around 20 meters (2.5 palms away). I kept the sun squarely behind me to remain invisible, that allowed me to sneak up real close without being spotted. Owls are nocturnal. But they do sometimes appear late in the afternoon. It’s not easy to sneak up on a owl. As they have radar hearing. But they can be fooled. As since their left ear is slightly higher position than the right – so a sound coming from below the Owl’s line of sight will be louder in the right ear. This allows an owl to create a mental image of the space where the sound source is located.

Providing one moves only when the wind picks up and rustles the fronds of the palms and remains so very still like a rock when the wind dies….one is invisible to the owl. It took me a whole hour just to get into the perfect kill zone starting from 130 meters. Aimed on the first pin along the upper spine line of the side profile of the owl, but compensated for the field tipped arrow to fall exactly two inches below the line of fire.

Surgical kill. Nothing personal…it’s strictly business. Like I said, I don’t feel good about this.


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