Learning to live with uncertainty.

November 15, 2014

Take it one day at a time. Small steps….very small and just breathe. As you’re in the third world. No! Not that third world where kids are begging in the streets….the other third world….the one that only exist in your mind.



‘Most people don’t see the world and the things in them like I do. No…they don’t. They may say they do, but they don’t. That’s because they all lack the requisite weirdness that I have and they don’t.

Weird people see things others don’t see….it’s a vampire thing – they can even make connections in time and space often intersecting moments of profound epiphany.

Take the case of a bird. Yes an ordinary bird in a cage that is suddenly set free.

Suddenly, this once ‘freedom’ deprived bird steps into the wider world that only birds that have never been caged know of. He’s freeeeeeeee!

But hold on…. here comes the kicker…. While he caged, there were two worlds in the known understanding of this bird – the world in the cage, and the world beyond the cage. Now that he is suddenly set free. Though he flies till his wings are sore. Chirps till his voice is hoarse. Yet in this seemingly new found freedom…the bird is suddenly assaulted by an acute sense of estrangement….it’s as if the world that is has suddenly given way to some unfurling ugliness that now has the agency of power to disturb him. That’s because this bird that is now free suddenly finds himself in no man’s land….like a soldier wandering in the fog….not knowing where he should go or do. As where he is….is not a place of sweet repose or even a secret garden. Or for that matter a place he wants to be in….it’s suddenly an desolate, cold and dangerous place.

As since there is no third world that is neither the world of the cage nor the world outside the cage. This bird suddenly finds himself in a strange land craving to return back to the world of his cage.

The man who steps outside his discomfort zone into the land where the only thing that is certain is the promise of more uncertainty…..is this same bird who has only known two definable worlds. But now finds himself walking in a strange land that suddenly disturbs him.

The man in a land called uncertainty. Not many men know about this other ‘third world.’ But I happen to be a honorary citizen of that world. I reckon.’

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