When life mirrors art – hunger games

November 23, 2014


I wonder how long this fellow will last? Let me put it another way, how is it possible to stop people from thinking the things they do?


‘Women wear make up. Men role play and they project countless images of how they want to be seen by others. There is, for example, the “nice” man who is always congenial and polite. “Such a nice man,” people say. “He never gets embroiled in controversy or scandals.” But the paper mâché facade always covers its opposite expression. Inside, such a person is full of rage that he dares not acknowledge or show. It’s for the same reason some men put up a tough macho exterior to hide a very small man.

But whatever the man who resides inside the man. All men have one universal man inside them. It’s the man who can’t abide a bully. The man who like to believe in the childish idea of fair and square….because if the world wasn’t tilted that way….then it would be simply hard if not impossible for this man to live in.

We speak about doing the right thing. We speak about it all the time. We write even more about this. So let me ask you a moral question, let us say that I could put you into a time machine and transport you back to the period of 1942 somewhere in the Warsaw. You suddenly find yourself in a store. A stationary shop. You have to be the proprietor because you’re behind the counter and the key in your lapel opens the safe behind you. It’s a stationary shop somewhere near the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw…maybe Linbek….or Kharkov. It’s just after lunch.

Suddenly you see a girl running in the streets. She’s Jewish. You just know from that frightened animal like expression on her face. She runs into your store and pleads with you to hide her…..soon soldiers fill the streets.

What would you do?

What should you do?

What is the right thing to do?

That is the dilemma that I constantly find myself confronted with. To be or not to me. To stay well within the line and bite my tongue so hard to remain quiet or to cross it, knowing full well that if one should do so, it may never end well or happily. Or that there may never be any promise of redemption.

The dilemma of the universal man in all men.’

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