Knowing the intentions of your enemies

November 25, 2014

My network of spies in the kampung have informed me a group of landowners have formed a cartel. Since they own vast tracts of land upstream. They intend to deny moir precious water during the coming dry season. To put it another way, they mean to drive me out of business!

Today I ventured into enemy territory with my two wheel wonder weapon – the bicycle. I surveyed the entire length of the river. As the rainy season this year has changed the topology of the river to such a extent rendering most of the datum maps useless. My conclusions are as follows – if they proceed with this plan…..I will be bone dry during the dry season.

I know what I need to do. After this I will go to my batman cave (I will post a video of my bat cave, it is hidden deep in the jungle in a lagoon) change into superhero suit and dismantle their dams and levies in the cover of darkness. It will be very easy for me. As since I have 5% body fat and I am super duper fit, while these fat cat towkays are beleaguered with 99% body fat and type II diabetes. It’s like a bunch of cavemen facing off with the Roman army. How the hell are they going to stop me?

Most of the landowners in my kampung like to say that I am a troublemaker. But who is the one who created optimum conditions for me to be destructive and uncooperative? Who huh huh? I am blameless. A victim of society. I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

The waters of life will flow… me.

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