The tragic inequality of all human relationships

December 1, 2014

I need more land! It’s hardly a matter of choice. I don’t nearly have such a thing as, the luxury of staying the same size. Not if I want to get to the other side in one unbroken piece.

That’s how it really is in business….frequently it’s not a matter of choice.

As since my business rivals have formed a cartel. They have access to a much broader network and can very easily combine their holdings to mobilize resources to buy more land.

They mean to surround me this time….it’s a iron curtain…designed to drive me out… cut off all my supply lines and leave me marooned like a mad man on a shark infested island.

I suddenly feel the walls closing in. I am outnumbered. Out gunned. It’s only a matter of time before they will gain the upper hand. I need more land!

But all that stands before me is a wall that runs so high and mighty that I can’t even make out the parapets and cupolas. A wall that runs either side from east to west forever and ever. At it’s foot like a scurying ant….there I am.

I need more land!


‘I don’t know who was the idiot who came out with the idea of life is supposed to be fair.

Truth is there is no such thing as an idealized fifty-fifty in any relationship – doesn’t matter whether it’s a business or personal relationship. Matters even less whether it’s a marriage or just the congenial mood of commonality that holds two people together as friends, lovers or associates.

It’s never equal…never fair….either fifty five – forty five, seventy – thirty or even ninety – ten.

Someone always has to give up more of himself or herself to make it all come around – be it the commodity of love, the precondition of I love you more or the whole idea that supports the notion of balance of power in a relationship. Someone in a relationship always puts someone’s else up on a pedestal. Someone is always listening, working hard to keep the level of enthusiasm while the other person just manages to get by with the bare minimum while enjoying the free ride.

That’s the way I have always seen the politics of relationship. Truth is. Life is never fair. It’s only supposed to be fair. To paraphrase it’s just one of those things we are supposed to believe in without ever questioning….like spending a lot of $ on anti aging cream where the only active ingredient happens to be water……better still, if we just take it on faith like religion. Just like that other nonsense – if you work hard, then good things will come to you. Or there’s opportunity all over the place providing a man dedicates himself unfailingly to the constancy of his craft….then the world will beat a path to his shed.

That’s all bullshit! Truth is a man can work like a mule lugging rocks each the size of bowling ball up a mountain day in and out, seven days a week and he may very well end up with nought.

It’s funny how the vast majority of human beings everywhere, believe many things that are obviously baseless. The most destructive mythology I reckon has to be – if you fail, you have no one to blame but yourself….along with no one owes you a living or if other people can ace it, so can you!

In truth, money will always be darn hard to come by, hence, those who have little or no money are convinced to blame themselves…..and never their circumstances or take comfort in the idea – the world is bent….it’s never a level playing field….there is a magnet underneath the roulette wheel of life.

Guess what? The world is bent….there is no such thing as a level playing field…and there is actually a magnet secreted in the roulette wheel of life!

Knowing just this is the first step to financial liberty. THE WORLD IS NEVER FAIR!

This corrosive culture of self inflicted blame has been the wonder weapon by which the rich and powerful, use not only to control the mentality of those who are poor, but to even script the very justifications for doing little or nothing to improve the lot of their lot.

It’s startling how clear it is when one sees it for what it really is – as an unequal relationship….as not a very handsome or endearing thing that one can snuggle up too.

Many years ago a landowner once said to me, ‘I don’t like the way you look.’ I asked him why not. And he told me my eyes were too hungry…too yearning…too wanting, that he could tell that I was a trouble maker who could do with a few good hard knocks to put me in place. He tried.

A few years later. All his lands became all mine.’

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