The politics of scholarship and gratitude

December 2, 2014

People who suckle on the teat of government should be grateful and serve out the term of their bond honorably. People who once did so but decided to jump ship and were named and shamed and paid back with interest their bond are free to do as they like. But even they should be grateful.

Those who could only have made it with their parents financial support should be eternally grateful ONLY to their parents and no one else.

Only those who made it with their own sweat of their brow and strength of sinews…..owe nothing whatsoever to anyone. As for gratitude that will always be optional.

Life is very simple. Rather it should be. Could be…..keep it simple.


‘Gratitude is the most virtuous human characteristic. It is a highest form of humility. Ants cannot be grateful. Humans can.

As a grateful state of mind is the very opposite of arrogance, pride and selfishness.

Some things in this world is cut and dried. When one man gives and another receives…then a good thing has been born into this cruel and heartless world.

That good thing may be a sweet lasting memory, an act of personal sacrifice or even a kind favor….but nonetheless it is a good thing and the only reason why good things should always be valued is because the world is by nature a very heartless and selfish place. Where it could be said, most people will much prefer to take, take and take from you.

Some bent people even take by proclaiming your success is due to the benevolence of God and that you should give back! See how these merchants of lies enforce the idea of gratitude upon the ignorant and unassuming….see how deviously their designs to take, take and take. Others take by selling you the paper mâché narrative without them, you will still be wallowing in a cesspit of shit. See again, how they enforce the notion of gratitude upon you….see how deviously they take, take and take this time by attempting to guilt trip you.

So when a man does another a good deed it has to be a very rare and good thing….as since it is born from the goodness of the heart – that thing is the very opposite of take, take and take. It is something that is very unusual and even unnatural in this cruel world these days, that is why one should always be grateful to those who once came into their lives to make it sweeter and better.’

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