Is the grass really greener outside Singapore?

December 5, 2014

Well, the short answer is, you will never really know for sure – till you pop your head over the fence and take a look…..only my gut feel informs me – I should at least warn you that even if the grass isn’t really greener. You may very well end up not wanting to look back any longer…to even bother with the whole idea of returning home.

You have made a decision to sink roots in this strange place….faraway. As for home it’s where your feet takes you.


‘For me it’s always intensely edifying to see others turning full circle…when everything just comes together wonderfully. As stepping out from a comfort bubble is never a easy thing to do. One needs to be courageous, hopeful and work at it….day in and day out…to believe and work towards a better tomorrow.

A few days ago. I came across one of Winking doll entries,

‘Yes, I’m pregnant, less than 1 year into our marriage. We heard at a recent gathering of (ex-)Singapore folks here that another Singapore-Canadian couple here is also expecting, less than 1 year into their marriage too. Perhaps the problem with fertility in Singapore is not with the Singaporeans, but other “environmental” (e.g. social) issues? E.g. Working too many hours to have time/energy leftover for baby-making? Worrying about how one’s child/children will cope in a highly competitive social/educational environment with narrow definitions of success and the trend of unforgiving attitudes towards social “failures”?
4 years versus 40 years. How did my host country “win my heart” in 4 years and my birth country lose my “love” over 40 years? It boggles the mind. Something for those residing in Singapore to think about, since Singapore has “welcome” a significant proportion (about 40%) of foreign-born onto its soil — What policies exist and/or are-needed for the foreign-born to feel accepted as part-of-Singapore? [Click here, here and here for related articles.]

That more or less says it all for me.

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