Will the PAP win the 2016 General Elections?

December 12, 2014

If I had to stick my neck out…..it’s hard….if not impossible to say. The reason? The very means to gauge public sentiment has been broken….the internet.

Nowadays all you really have is Potemkin village sites such as the Singaporedaily, five stars and the moon et al shouting their lungs out in blogosphere……I wonder what they’re all trying to prove.

As for the what the future holds for singapore and Singaporeans…..it’s really anyone’s guess.


‘As a rule of thumb. I never like to shut people out or stop them from voicing their opinions openly. I don’t ever see it like some insecure leaders who perceive this sort of behavior as deviant….a solvent to our morals….or even anything resembling anything near a threat.

To me when people believe they have an elemental right to speak out openly on any subject without fear or favor….then that by itself had to be a form of catharsis…a release….a necessary purging of the emotions or relieving of pent up frustrations. That’s really like a constipated man experiencing one of those epic mother of all shits.

Thereafter, that man is bound to feel a profound sense of liberty. He may not be able to alter his conditions. Or even make things better. But one of the miracles of being able to talk openly and freely is it’s good for the soul. To me that’s a good thing. It’s a canary in the coal mine.

An asset where I can always use it to gauge the prevailing sentiment so that I can plan for the next move without having to deal with harbingers and the possibility of being blindsided……but what happens when that canary dies?

That’s really the situation we are in right now. It’s an artificially created situation that we are in right now. A construct of reality that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with reality.

And that is what happens when fear rules….then all you will get is loads of folks murmuring and whispering in darkness. You may not hear them bitch…..but that doesn’t mean the narrative isn’t been eagerly spun fast and furious. It just means when you put your ears to the ground……you hear absolutely nothing…..not a whimper….nothing….not even so much as a church mouse decibel.

And that by itself has to be very disturbing to those who know the art of war.

Because that is not normal in the human condition. That is to say that is not something that is natural or for that matter ordinary under every possible definition of the word…normal.

Do you see my point.

It’s fair to say whatever the outcome…..a joker is definitely in the pack of cards….of that I am very sure…..so very sure that I can even put my last buck on that number.

Stupid people will always do and think stupid things….that is their dao.’

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