One cannot live a purpose driven life without the truth

December 13, 2014

When a lie is repeated time and again….at some point it will be transformed into the truth.

One cannot fight against this idea of how perceptions can change consciously. It’s impossible. As since the process of change operates at the insidious level of the sub conscious….most of the time, many of us are not even consciously aware of this perceptive shift.

However being acutely mindful of the process of transitioning…from lie to truth….myth to fact…..conjecture to belief… really the skeleton key to open the door to wisdom and being able to see the world as it is and not what others say it is.


‘If we buy into the corrosive culture of labeling people as ‘troublemakers’, ‘stupid’, ‘snakey’, or for that matter ‘trustworthy’,’competent’ or ‘incorruptible’ – and if that label is stamped hard enough with constant repetition, then that image will stick in our heads without even us been conscious of this.

And when this label is imprinted somewhere in the substrate of our subconscious like a faint watermark. We can literally bend any future observations of the behaviour that person to fit that label.

I have learned this through first hand experience. Someone tells me this or that person is like so and so…..while interacting with that labelled person or perusing thru his material. I look out for square holes to fit my square pegs. Guess what? Usually it’s a snug fit…..but when I am consciously aware of how this tendency to label people and situations funnels my thinking towards prejudice and fault finding. Then I can compensate for this biasness by keeping an open mind and giving this labelled person the benefit of the doubt.

Usually when I do this….8 out of 10 times. I find myself feeling rather silly and embarrassed. As the labelled person is never what others say he is. Life is simply too short to listen to others without bothering to check up on the facts ourselves.’

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