Stick with the devil you know……or try eating in the NEW chicken rice shop down the road?

December 16, 2014

There once lived a man who only eats chicken rice in particular shop in Singapore.

This man eats chicken rice everyday. He’s been eating there ever since he could remember….. for the last fifty years. He even continues to eat there when the portions got smaller and smaller thru the years and most of the streetwise patrons had moved on to smarter value meals.

In the past, the man could at least be sure chicken breast cutlets would come his way. A whole leg if he was luckier. That was a very long time ago….he would often be heard lamenting.

These days, he considers himself lucky if he even manages to get a chicken neck portion or the fleshy part of the chicken backside. Most of the time, he makes do with scraps along with bits of the eyes, lips and feet thrown in. He believes it to be chicken…or at least he thinks it is…’s very hard to say….as it’s been such a long time since the man has been served a chicken cutlet that he can recognize as a wing, thigh or breast. To add to the man’s confusion and uncertain. There is widely circulate rumor in the internet, the chicken rice proprietor substitutes run down cats that he picks up from the ECP which he regularly passes on as chicken meat.

The man reckons these rumors can’t be true. After all……it’s the internet.

From time to time, the man would complain about the lousy portions….non existent customer service…..exorbitant price and tasteless cardboard flavor chicken.

This despite the chicken rice proprietors unabashed boast, his shop serves the best chicken rice in the whole of Singapore and possibly the whole wide world.

One day when the man was complaining as usual to a passerby about his favorite topic. This time something about the owner using a chicken to wipe his ass. As he ran our of toilet paper that caused a bout of food poisoning in AMK.

Someone suggested, why don’t you try eating in the new chicken rice shop down the road.

The man suddenly got very agitated and angry and said – are you suggesting that I should stop eating in the chicken rice shop of nearly fifty years???? Do you all have any idea what will happen if all the patrons go to that other new chicken rice shop down the street? There will be riots in Singapore! The stock market will collapse! The price of your home will drop faster than a free falling stone!

The center will give out! All meaning in life will go poof! What a preposterous idea! The man went on say to curious onlookers, ‘I will have you all know….the issue is not change for the sake of change; the issue is will my portions get bigger and juicier with the alternative. He went on to mention forcefully in an imperial tone, the new chicken rice shop did not even have so much as a track record to speak of….since it is new! Unlike his regular chicken rice shop that has nearly fifty years of culinary experience serving chicken.

A wise man who overheard the conversation mentioned,

‘If you don’t even bother to try… least once….how will you ever know which chicken rice shop is better. Besides if you don’t find it to your liking. You can always go right back to your regular chicken rice shop.’

Not long after that…..the man who was particularly fond of chicken rice choked to death one fine day while eating in the only chicken rice shop he had ever known all his life.

His last words before he departed the world was….we shouldn’t be so fearful of change….I should have tried eating there once.

The chicken rice proprietor could not be contacted to elaborate further on the mysterious cause of death….it was business as usual.

Darkness 2014

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