I have found Rita

December 18, 2014

Today I was reunited with Rita. A three year old bitch that bolted and disappeared into the jungle. That was three weeks ago. Since then I have searched high and low for her. Tribesmen high from the mountains have been called to track her down. But since it is the rainy season their best efforts proved in vain.

Today the farmer who brought Rita back told me in a quivering voice that when he saw such a beautiful dog, he had decided to keep her for himself. But when he had heard the devil’s dog was missing. His wife convinced him to return back the pet….or misfortune will certainly befall the farmers clan.

Two days from now. The council of the village elders will convene beneath the shade of a tree to dish out punishment to this farmer and his family. If the villagers all considered me a mere mortal….it would have ended there and then. But to steal from the devil is a capital crime in the kampung.

I do not want to be a hard man. On one hand the man was certainly technically a theif….but then again when he came to his senses, he did return my property.

I realize from this one event….no one loves and respect me. They all just fear me….they fear the man who lives all by himself on the hill.

I do not know what to do. I so want to see the good side of this farmer….I want it so badly. But I fear, if I am soft, it would be seen by all as a sign of weakness.

Why can’t life be simple for the landowner?


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